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Residency Requirements

Residency Requirements for Tuition Paying Purposes

To be classified as a Washington resident for educational purposes and to qualify for resident tuition rates, students are required by state law to be either:

1.Financially Independent Student:
Have established a bona fide domicile in the state of Washington primarily for purposes other than education for a period of one year immediately before the first day of the quarter for which they have registered at any institution; and be financially independent.


2.Financially Dependent Student:
Be a dependent student with one or both of their parents or legal guardians having maintained a bona fide domicile in the state of Washington for at least one year immediately before the first day of the quarter for which they have registered at any institution.


3.Active Duty Military and Washington National Guard
Active duty military stationed in Washington, their spouses and dependents; Washington National Guard members; spouse or dependent of National Guard if residence is Washington are eligible to pay resident tuition.  Must submit copy of orders to Washington and military ID.

To apply for residency reclassification, students must submit the Residency Questionnaire and provide the required documentation to student development.See the residency questionnaire and the WAC's for Residency Designation for complete details. Completed forms can be sent to:



Wenatchee Campus                                   Omak Campus

Wenatchee Valley College                             Wenatchee Valley College-Omak

Attn:Admissions Office                                 Attn:  Admissions

1300 5th St.                                                  P.O. Box 2058

Wenatchee, WA98801                                 Omak, WA  98841


Residency questionnaires are also available at the admissions/registration office. 


Proof of residency is each student’s responsibility. Reclassification will take place in the quarter the change is approved, provided the updated residency questionnaire is submitted within 30 calendar days following the first day of the quarter.  Acceptable evidence of Washington state residency for one year before enrollment can include:

  • Valid Washington state driver’s license
  • Voter registration card
  • Washington registration of motor vehicles
  • Purchase of property in Washington
  • Rent receipts
  • Verification of not having received financial aid from another state

International students attending WVC who have been granted an I-20 are classified as non-resident regardless of their length of residency in Washington state.



Nonresident waiver for United States citizens and INS Permanent Residents
The Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges has authorized the colleges to waive a portion of the nonresident tuition rate for United State citizens and INS Permanent residents who have not met the above criteria for in-state residency. WVC honors this automatic waiver at the time student makes application to the college.


Resident Tuition for Washington High School Graduates Who Are Not U.S. Citizens

Effective July 1, 2003, Washington state law was changed (House Bill 1079) to make certain students who are not permanent residents or citizens of the United States eligible to pay resident tuition rates when they attend public colleges and universities in this state. To qualify for resident tuition rate, students must complete an affidavit/declaration/certification if they are not permanent residents or citizens of the United States but have met the following conditions:


Resided in Washington State for the three (3) years immediately prior to receiving a high school diploma, and completed the full senior year at a Washington high school,


Completed the equivalent of a high school diploma and resided in Washington state for the three (3) years immediately before receiving the equivalent of the diploma,


Continuously resided in the State since earning the high school diploma or its equivalent.



If you meet the above criteria, once you have an application for admission on file, submit a signed Affidavit to admissions/registration. Please note that only affidavits with an original signature can be accepted.Do not fax or e-mail a copy to WVC.  We may request an official copy of your high school transcripts to process your residency status.



1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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