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Wells House 100th birthday celebration Oct. 11, 2009

The public is invited to an open-house celebration of the 100th birthday of Wells House on Sunday, Oct. 11, 2009, from 2 to 5 p.m. at Wenatchee Valley College. People may tour through the house, and refreshments will be served.

 The three-story house was built on Fifth Street in 1909 by pioneer promoter W.T. Clark using stone from the Columbia River. Known as Clark’s Cobblestone Castle or Clark’s Pebble Castle, the building includes a tower with a turret on the southeast corner. In 1919, A.Z. and Emogene Wells purchased the house, where they resided until 1949 when they deeded their estate to the Wenatchee School District for Wenatchee Junior College.

In 1973, Wells House was placed on the National Register of Historic Sites. By that time, the college was no longer using the building and in the mid-seventies, the house was deeded to the Wells House Committee, Inc., a group of volunteers whose goal was the restoration and preservation of Wells House for cultural and historic purposes. The volunteers have repaired and cared for the house for more than 30 years.

Today, WVC manages the house for receptions, weddings and special college events while the Wells House Committee and the college explore options for its future.

Getting there:  In Wenatchee, travel on Ninth Street and turn south on Nelson Street just before the S curves. Nelson leads directly to parking near the back of Wells House. Parking will be free.






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