General Vital Records Resources

Vital Records include any record that gives birth, death or marriage information. They might include:

Birth Certificates
Baptismal Records
Bible Records
Church Records [depending on denomination and if they still survive]
Newspaper Birth Announcements (usually not found till 20th century)
Town Records (New England only)

Bible Records
Church Records
Marriage Books
Marriage Returns
Marriage Bonds
Marriage Banns (usually found in New England – few survive)
Newspaper Marriage Announcements (usually not found till late 19th century)
Town Records (New England only)

Bible Records
Cemetery Records
Death Certificates (usually not found till late 19th century but there are exceptions based on locality)
Obituaries (depend greatly on the newspaper in the town where the person died)
Town Records (New England only)
[Will & Estate Records are not considered vital records but they will at least help with a ballpark date of death]