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KY 18-0-1 Early Kentucky householders, 1787-1811
KY 18-0-2 Old Kentucky entries and deeds
KY 18-0-3 Kentucky Court and other records v. 1; Scott's papers
KY 18-0-3 b Kentucky court and other records vol. II
KY 18-0-4 Kentucky Families: a bibliographic listing
KY 18-0-5 Historic families of Kentucky
KY 18-0-6 Kentucky pioneers and their descendants
KY 18-0-7 Early families of eastern and southeastern Kentucky 
KY 18-0-8 Kentucky marriage records 
KY 18-0-9 Forks of the Elkhorn Church: with genealogies of early members 
KY 18-0-10 Kentucky genealogical research 
KY 18-0-11 Kentucky will index, vol. 2
KY 18-0-12 Historical atlas of Kentucky and her counties
KY 18-0-13 Kentucky land grants volume 1 & 2
KY 18-0-14 Kentucky obituaries
KY 18-0-15 Kentucky marriages
KY 18-0-16 Cornstalk Militia of Kentucky 1792-1811
KY 18-0-17 Genealogies of Kentucky Families
KY 18-0-18 Genealogies of Kentucky Families A-M
KY 18-0-19 Genealogies of Kentucky Families O-Y
KY 18-0-20 Draper Collection - the Kentucky papers
KY 18-0-21 Big Sandy Valley
KY 18-0-22 Old Kentucky surveys and grants
KY 18-0-23 Kentucky genealogy vol. 2, vol. 3,  vol. 4
KY 18-0-24 Miscellaneous Kentucky marriages, Butler, Floyd, Lincoln, Morgan counties
KY 18-000-1  BATH Bath County, Kentucky deaths 1852-1859
KY 18-000-1  FAYETTE Will records of Fayette County, Kentucky 1794-1818
KY 18-000-1  GRAYSON History of the Duff community
KY 18-000-1  JEFFERSON Early Louisville, Kentucky newspaper abstracts 1806-1828
KY 18-000-1  LEE Lee county, Kentucky, births, deaths & marriages, 1874-1878-1900-1910
KY 18-000-1  LINCOLN Marriage index, Lincoln County, Kentucky
KY 18-000-1  LOGAN Logan County, Kentucky, marriages, 1790-1865
KY 18-000-2  LOGAN Logan County, Kentucky records, volume 1
KY 18-000-1  MAGOFFIN Magoffin County Kentucky marriages - first 50 years 1860-1910
KY 18-000-1  MASON History of Maysville and Mason county vol. I.
KY 18-000-1  PULASKI Pulaski revisited
KY 18-000-1  WASHING Marriage records of Washington county, KY 1792-1809
KY 18-000-1  WAYNE Marriages of Wayne county, KY

KY 18-1 Bluegrass Roots  (Kentucky Genealogical Society)
KY 18-2 Yesterday's Tuckaways  (Hopkins Co. KY)
KY 18-3 Kentucky Traces  (Butler Co. KY)
KY 18-4 Kentucky Ancestors  (Kentucky Historical Society)
KY 18-5 Longhunter  (Warren Co. KY)
KY 18-7 Southern Kentucky Genealogical Society Newsletter
KY 18-8 Kentucky Family Records
KY 18-10 East Kentuckian Journal of Genealogy & History
KY 18-11 Nelson County Pioneer
KY 18-13 Newsletter of the Mason County Genealogical Society
KY 18-14 Register of the Kentucky Historical Society


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