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OH 36-0-1 County by county in Ohio genealogy
OH 36-0-2 Ohio resources for genealogists with references for searching in OH
OH 36-0-3 Evolution of Ohio County boundaries 
OH 36-0-4 Ohio land grants
OH 36-0-5 Ohio lands - a short history
OH 36-0-6 First ownership of Ohio lands
OH 36-0-7 Ohio marriages: extracted from the old Nw Genealogical Quarterly
OH 36-0-8 Ohio Valley genealogies
OH 36-0-9 Atlas of the State of Ohio 1868  (oversize)
OH 36-0-10 Ohio source records from the Ohio genealogical quarterly
OH 36-0-11 Early Ohio tax records
OH 36-0-12 Local history and genealogy resources guide to Southeastern Ohio
OH 36-0-13 Early Ohio settlers : purchasers of land in SE Ohio, 1800-1840
OH 36-0-14 Early Ohio settlers : purchasers of land in SE Ohio, 1800-1840
OH 36-0-15 Handy tips for your genealogical research in Ohio
OH 36-0-16 Ohio genealogical guide
OH 36-0-17 Ancestor charts of members of the Ohio Genealogical Society
OH 36-0-18 Family Bible records of Southwestern Ohio.
OH 36-0-19 Index to Roster of Ohio Soldiers War of 1812
OH 36-0-20 Ohio wills & estates to 1850: Index 
OH 36-0-21 Ohio wills & estates to 1850 
OH 36-0-22 Ohio guide to genealogical sources
OH 36-0-23 Pioneer Ohio newspapers, 1793-1810
OH 36-0-24 Pioneer Ohio newspapers, 1802-1818
OH 36-0-25 Encyclopedia of Amercian Quaker genealogy vol. IV Ohio
OH 36-0-26 Encyclopedia of Amercian Quaker genealogy vol. V Ohio
OH 36-0-27 Ohio families: a bibliography of books about Ohio families
OH 36-0-28 a & b Gateway to the west: Volume 1 &2
OH 36-0-29 a Index of death and marriage notices in the Cincinnati Daily Gazette 
OH 36-0-29 b Index of death and marriage notices in the Cincinnati Daily Gazette 
OH 36-0-30 Memoirs of the early pioneer settlers of Ohio
OH 36-000-1  ADAMS History of Adams County, Ohio
OH 36-000-2  ADAMS Thompson's historical collections of Adams County, Ohio 
OH 36-000-3  ADAMS Atlas of Adams County, OH
OH 36-000-4  ADAMS Indexes of the Adams County, Ohio Archives
OH 36-000-1  ATHENS Index to Athens (Ohio) County Historical Society and Museum Bulletin
OH 36-000-2  ATHENS Some tombstone inscriptions of Southwest Athens County, Ohio
OH 36-000-1  BELMONT Belmont county Ohio history 
OH 36-000-1  BROWN Brown county, Ohio naturalizations 1818-1824
OH 36-000-2  BROWN History of Brown county, Ohio 1883
OH 36-000-3  BROWN Historical collection of Brown Co. Ohio
OH 36-000-4  BROWN Brown county, Ohio marriages 1818-1850
OH 36-000-5  BROWN Brown county children's home 1884-1921
OH 36-000-6  BROWN Brown county children's home 1884-1921
OH 36-000-7  BROWN Cemetery inscriptions of Brown county, Ohio, book 1
OH 36-000-1  CLERMONT Clermont county Ohio Pioneers 1798-1812
OH 36-000-2  CLERMONT Clermont county Ohio genealogical guide
OH 36-000-1  COSHOCTON History of Coshocton county, Ohio, 1985
OH 36-000-1  DARKE History of Darke county, Ohio
OH 36-000-1  FAYETTE History of Fayette county, Ohio
OH 36-000-1  FRANKLIN Franklin county, Ohio: Index to probate court, 1852-1900
OH 36-000-1  GREENE Greene county, Ohio: Past & present
OH 36-000-2  GREENE Revolutionary war veterans of Greene Co. Ohio
OH 36-000-1  HAMILTON a&b Restored Hamilton county Ohio marriages 1850-1859, Parts 1-2
OH 36-000-2  HAMILTON Hamilton county Ohio burial records v. 11
OH 36-000-3  HAMILTON Hamilton county Ohio burial records v. 12
OH 36-000-4  HAMILTON Hamilton county Ohio burial records vol. 10: Green township
OH 36-000-1  HARRISON Historical collections of Harrison county in the state of Ohio
OH 36-000-1  HIGHLAND History of Ross & Highland counties, Ohio, 1796 
OH 36-000-2  HIGHLAND Atlas of Highland county, Ohio, 1871
OH 36-000-3  HIGHLAND State centennial history of Highland county, Ohio. vol. 2, 1902 
OH 36-000-4  HIGHLAND History of the early settlement of Highland county, Ohio
OH 36-000-5  HIGHLAND Marriage records of Highland county, Ohio 1805-1880
OH 36-000-6  HIGHLAND Common pleas court records of Highland county, Ohio 1805-1860
OH 36-000-1  HURON Plat book of ca 1845 & atlases of 1873 & 1891, Huron county, Ohio
OH 36-000-1  KNOX History of Knox county, Ohio 1808-1889
OH 36-000-1  LICKING 1875 History & atlas of Licking county, Ohio
OH 36-000-1 MONTGOMERY Early settlers of Montgomery county. Ohio
OH 36-000-2 MONTGOMERY Pioneer life in Dayton & vicinity 1796-1840
OH 36-000-1  PIKE History of Pike county, Ohio, 1815-1889
OH 36-000-1  RICHLAND History of Richland county Ohio - its past and present
OH 36-000-2  RICHLAND Heritage: Soldiers of Richland county Ohio
OH 36-000-1  ROSS History of Ross County Ohio
OH 36-000-2  ROSS First capital chronicles 
OH 36-000-1  SCIOTO History of Scioto county, Ohio, 1803-1889
OH 36-000-2  SCIOTO Marriage records of Scioto county Ohio 1803 - 1863
OH 36-000-1  VANWERT Van Wert Co. Ohio cemetery inscriptions, volume 1-III
OH 36-000-2  VANWERT Van Wert and surrounding counties, Ohio vol. II & III
OH 36-000-3  VANWERT Index to history of Van Wert Co. Ohio & representative citizens
OH 36-000-4  VANWERT Atlas & index of Van Wert County, Ohio (oversize)
OH 36-000-5  VANWERT Index for 1872 map of Van Wert county Ohio
OH 36-000-7  VANWERT History of VanWert county, Ohio

OH 36-1 Tree Climber (Stark Co.)
OH 36-2 Newsletter of the Ross County Genealogical Society
OH 36-3 Certified Copy (Greater Cleveland Genealogical Society)
OH 36-5 Licking Lantern
OH 36-6 The Report
OH 36-7 Ohio: the Cross Road of Our Nation: Records & Pioneer Families
OH 36-8 Tallow Light
OH 36-9 Kinman Courier
OH 36-10 Newsletter of the Ohio Genealogical Society
OH 36-11 Roots & Shoots, Surname & Locality (Southern Ohio)
OH 36-12 Tuscarawas Pioneer Footprints
OH 36-13 Athens County Drumtaps
OH 36-14 Fayette Connection
OH 36-15 On the Trail (Brown Co.)
OH 36-16 Pike Speaks
OH 36-17 Newsletter of the Allen Co. OH Genealogical Society
OH 36-18 Van Wert Connection 
OH 36-19 Our Heritage (Adams Co.)
OH 36-20 Huron County Kinologist
OH 36-21 Pathfinder (Ashland & Richland Counties)
OH 36-22 Franklintonian, Jan 1988 - Nov-Dec 1991
OH 36-23 Paulding Pathways 
OH 36-24 Van Wert Co. OH Genealogical Quarterly


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