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PA 39-0-1 Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families  (3 volumes)
PA 39-0-2 Pennsylvania marriages prior to 1810   (2 volumes)
PA 39-0-3 Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750
PA 39-0-4 Swiss & German pioneer settlers of Southeastern Pennsylvania
PA 39-0-5  German & Swiss settlements of Colonial Pennsylvania
PA 39-0-6 Pennsylvania German marriages
PA 39-0-7 Pennsylvania history told by contemporaries
PA 39-0-8 Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania 
PA 39-0-9 Central Pennsylvania marriages, 1700-1896
PA 39-0-10 German immigration into PA through part of Philadelphia, 1700-1775
PA 39-0-11 Virginia Court Records in Southwestern Pennsylvania, 1775-1780
PA 39-0-12 People & times of Western Pennsylvania
PA 39-0-13 Pennsylvania Line, a research guide to Pennsylvania 
PA 39-0-14 Early Pennsylvania Research
PA 39-0-15 Illustrated history of the Centennial Exhibition
PA 39-0-16 Pennsylvania genealogical research
PA 39-0-17 Pennsylvania German church records (3 volumes)
PA 39-0-18 Published archives of Pennsylvania
PA 39-0-19 Index to Pennsylvania colonial records series
PA 39-0-20 Pennsylvania land records: a history & guide for research
PA 39-0-21 Register of marriages and baptisms performed by Rev. Cuthbertson.
PA 39-0-22 Encyclopedia of Amercian Quaker genealogy vol. II: PA & NJ
PA 39-0-23 Emigrants to Pennsylvania
PA 39-0-24 Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families
PA 39-0-25 Catholic trails west - the founding Catholic families of PA
PA 39-0-26 Pennsylvania & Middle Atlantic states genealogical manuscripts
PA 39-0-27 Oaths of allegiance, Pennsylvania
PA 39-0-28 a Pennsylvania German pioneers, volume 1
PA 39-0-28 b Pennsylvania German pioneers, volume 2
PA 39-0-29 Genealogical data relating to German settlers of PA 
PA 39-0-30 Pennsylvania marriages prior to 1790
PA 39-0-31 Ancestors from the eastern heartland: PA, NJ, MD & DE 
PA 39-0-32 Thirty thousand names of immigrants in Pennsylvania 1727-1776
PA 39-0-33 Abstracts of South Central Pennsylvania newspapers 1791-1795
PA 39-0-34 Abstracts of South Central Pennsylvania newspapers 1796-1800
PA 39-0-35 a  Pennsylvania vital records  vol. I
PA 39-0-35 b  Pennsylvania vital records  vol. II
PA 39-0-35 c  Pennsylvania vital records  vol. III
PA 39-0-36  Abstracts from Franklin PA Gazette 1728-1748
PA 39-0-37  Index to Egles notes & queries
PA 39-0-38 a   Egles notes & queries vol. 1
PA 39-0-38 b   Egles notes & queries vol. 2
PA 39-0-38 c   Egles notes & queries vol. 3
PA 39-0-38 d   Egles notes & queries vol. 4
PA 39-0-38 e   Egles notes & queries vol. 5
PA 39-0-38 f   Egles notes & queries vol. 6
PA 39-0-38 g   Egles notes & queries vol. 7
PA 39-0-38 h   Egles notes & queries vol. 8
PA 39-0-38 i   Egles notes & queries vol. 9
PA 39-0-38 j   Egles notes & queries vol. 10
PA 39-0-38 k   Egles notes & queries vol. 11
PA 39-0-38 l   Egles notes & queries vol. 12
PA 39-000-1 BERKS History of the counties of Berks and Lebanon, Pennsylvania
PA 39-000-2 BERKS Baptismal records of Jerusalem Lutheran church, Berks Co. PA 
PA 39-000-1 BUCKS History of Bucks Co., PA
PA 39-000-2 BUCKS History of Bucks Co. PA, 1843
PA 39-000-1 CHESTER Wills of Chester Co. PA a-1713-1748 b-1748-1766 c-1766-1788 d 1788-1800, E-1808-1825
PA 39-000-1 ERIE History of Erie Co. Pennsylvania
PA 39-000-1 FAYETTE Obituary notices for Fayette county, PA
PA 39-000-2 FAYETTE Heritage of Uniontown
PA 39-000-1 FULTON Naturalization papers of Fulton & Bedford Counties, Pennsylvania
PA 39-000-1 GREENE Index to personal names in "Pioneer history of Greene county, PA 
PA 39-000-2 GREENE Greene hills Echo
PA 39-000-1 LANCASTE Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, area key
PA 39-000-2 LANCASTE Index to the will books & records of Lancaster Co. PA 1729-1850
PA 39-000-3 LANCASTE Biographical Annals of Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania
PA 39-000-4 LANCASTE History of Lancaster Co., PA
PA 39-000-5 LANCASTE History of Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania
PA 39-000-6a LANCASTE Pennsylvania births, Lancaster county, 1723-1777
PA 39-000-6b LANCASTE Pennsylvania births, Lancaster county, 1778-1800
PA 39-000-1 LYCOMING History of Lycoming County
PA 39-000-2 LYCOMING Now and Then: Journal of Muncy Historical Society
PA 39-000-1 MIFFLIN Genesis of Mifflin Co. Pennsylvania
PA 39-000-1 MONTGOMERY Biographical annals of Montgomery Co. of Pennsylvania v. 1
PA 39-000-1 PERRY 30 Perry County Pennsylvania cemetery records
PA 39-000-1 PHILADELPH Visitor's handbook for Philadelphia
PA 39-000-1 WASHINGTON Estate and deed records, Washington Co. PA
PA 39-000-2 WASHINGTON History of Washington Co. PA
PA 39-000-1 WESTMORELA Biographical and historical cyclopedia of Westmoreland Co. PÄ
PA 39-000-1 YORK History of York Co. PA
PA 39-000-2 YORK Biographical history of York Co. PA
PA 39-000-3 YORK York County Records

PA-39-1 Gleanings (Beaver County)
PA-39-2 Keystone Kuzzins (Erie County)
PA-39-3 Cornerstone Clues (Greene County)
PA-39-4 Families of Fayette Co. PA
PA-39-7 Your Family Tree
PA-39-8 Keyhole
PA-39-9 Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine
PA-39-10 Lancaster legacy: History & Genealogy of Lancaster Co. PA
PA-39-11 Berks of old: History and Genealogy of Berks Co. PA
PA-39-12 Old Westmoreland: history & genealogy of Westmoreland Co. PA
PA-39-13 Codorus Chronicles (York County)
PA-39-14 Venango County Genealogical Club Newsletter
PA-39-15 Pennsylvania Traveler - Post


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