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SC 41-0-1a South Carolina marriages 1800-1820
SC 41-0-1b South Carolina marriages 1688-1799
SC 41-0-1c South Carolina marriages 1688-1799
SC 41-0-2 South Carolinians in the Revolution
SC 41-0-3 Genealogical source material in South Carolina
SC 41-0-4 Carolina backcountry on the eve of the revolution
SC 41-0-5 South Carolina genealogical research 
SC 41-0-6 South Carolina wills, 1670-1853 or later
SC 41-0-7 South Carolina immigrants, 1760-1770
SC 41-0-8 Directory of Scots in the Carolinas 1680-1830
SC 41-0-9 Jury lists of South Carolina 1778-1779
SC 41-0-10 Indexes to the county wills of South Carolina
SC 41-0-11 South Carolina Baptists 1670-1805
SC 41-0-12 Marriage & death notices from the Charleston Observer 1807-1845
SC 41-0-13 South Carolina naturalizations
SC 41-0-14 Land grant maps  (oversize)
SC 41-0-15 South Carolina marriages 1749-1867
SC 41-0-16 South Carolina marriages 1735-1885  vol. II
SC 41-0-17 South Carolina marriages 1671-1791
SC 41-0-18 Collection of Upper South Carolina genealogical & family records, vol. 1
SC 41-0-19 Register book for Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw
SC 41-0-20 Some South Carolina genealogical record
SC 41-0-21 Militia in antebellum south
SC 41-0-22 Warrants for lands in South Carolina
SC 41-0-23 First settlers of SC 1670-1700
SC 41-0-24 Huguenots of colonial South Carolina
SC 41-0-25 History of Old Cheraws
SC 41-0-26 Records of the regiments of the SC Line
SC 41-0-27 South Carolina Upcountry
SC 41-0-28 Roster of South Carolina patriots in American Revolution
SC 41-0-29 Some South Carolina county records vol. 2
SC 41-0-30 North and South Carolina marriage record
SC 41-0-31 South Carolina chronology
SC 41-0-32 North Carolina land grants in SC
SC 41-000-1 ABBEVILLE Abstracts of Old Ninety Six and Abbeville District - wills & bonds
SC 41-000-1 GREENVIL Presence of the past epitaphs
SC 41-000-1 NEWBERRY Annals of Newberry
SC 41-000-1 SPARTANB History of Grindal Shoals
SC 41-000-2 SPARTANB Spartanburg Co. marriages 1785-1911
SC 41-000-3 SPARTANB Spartanburg Co. deed abstracts
SC 41-000-4 SPARTANB Spartanburg Co. will abstracts 1787-1840
SC 41-000-5 SPARTANB Spartanburg Co. SC minutes of county court 1785-1799
SC 41-000-6 SPARTANB First settlements on the Tyger River

SC 41-1 Picnkney District News
SC 41-2 South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research


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