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VA 47-0-1  Genealogies of Virginia families  5 vols.
VA 47-0-2  Cavaliers & pioneers, abstracts of Virginia land patents 1623-1776     7 vols.
VA 47-0-3  Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia - 3 vols.
VA 47-0-4  Virginia ancestors and adventurers
VA 47-0-5  Revolutionary war records, volume 1
VA 47-0-6  Some emigrants to Virginia 
VA 47-0-7  Virginia wills and administrations, 1632-1800
VA 47-0-8  Virginia genealogies
VA 47-0-9  Border settlers of Northwestern Virginia, 1768-1795
VA 47-0-10  List of the colonial solders of Virginia
VA 47-0-11  List of non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Virginia line 
VA 47-0-12  Virginia marriages, 1700-1799
VA 47-0-13  Virginia parish register & vestry books
VA 47-0-14  Virginia historical index   4 vols.
VA 47-0-15  Landmarks of Old Prince William
VA 47-0-17  They went that away
VA 47-0-18 Marriage records in the Virginia State Library: a researcher's guide
VA 47-0-19 a Virginians and West Virginians, 1607-1870, volume 1
VA 47-0-19 b Virginians and West Virginians, 1607-1870, volume 2
VA 47-0-20  Over the mountain men; their early court records in Sw Virginia 
VA 47-0-21  Virginia 1782-87; Virginia tax payers 
VA 47-0-22  Marriages of some Virginia residents, 1607-1800, series I, volume 2
VA 47-0-23  Virginia's colonial soldiers
VA 47-0-24  Index to the Virginia Genealogist Vol. 1-20, 1957 - 1976
VA 47-0-24 b Index to the Virginia Genealogist, volumes 21-35
VA 47-0-25  Atlas of county boundary changes in Virginia, 1634-1895 (oversize)
VA 47-0-26  Virginia colonial abstracts   (3 vols.)
VA 47-0-27  Timesaving aid to Virginia & West Virginia ancestors
VA 47-0-28  Index to the printed Virginia genealogies
VA 47-0-29  Virginia genealogical research
VA 47-0-30  Encyclopedia of American Quaker genealogy - Virginia v.6
VA 47-0-31 A & B Virginia/ West Virginia husbands and wives vol. 1 & 2
VA 47-0-32  Finding your people in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia
VA 47-0-33  County court for the District of West Augusta, VA with an account of county courts for Ohio
VA 47-0-35  Kegley's Virginia frontier
VA 47-0-36  Virginia vital records
VA 47-0-37  Virginia will records
VA 47-0-38  Virginia land records
VA 47-0-39  Virginia marriage records
VA 47-0-40 a Annals of Southwest Virginia, Part 1
VA 47-0-40 b Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800 1 vol. 2 parts (part 2)
VA 47-0-41  Virginia County Records volume II: VA colonial militia 1651-1776
VA 47-0-42  History of Middle New River: settlements & contiguous territory
VA 47-0-43  German New River Settlement: Virginia
VA 47-0-44  Early Virginia immigrants
VA 47-0-45  Over the mountain men and early court records in southwest Virginia
VA 47-0-46  William Preston and the Allegheny patriots
VA 47-0-47  Adventurers of purse & person - Virginia 1608-1624/5 (3rd ed)
VA 47-0-48  Virginia tax records
VA 47-0-49  Historical register of Virginians in the Revolution
VA 47-0-50  History of Virginia settlers and English adventurers, 1487-1798
VA 47-0-52  War of 1812 Virginia bounty land & pension applications
VA 47-0-53 a & b Virginia revolutionary pension applications
VA 47-0-54  Virginia revolutionary warrants
VA 47-0-55  Northern Neck land grants 1742-1775  vol. 2
VA 47-0-56  Douglas Register
VA 47-0-57  Virginia dynasties
VA 47-0-58  Chronology & documentary handbook of the state of Virginia
VA 47-0-59 Hornbook of Virginia History
VA 47-0-60 Guide to Episcopal records in Virginia
VA 47-0-61 Potomac landings
VA 47-000-1 ALBARMARL Historical roads of Virginia: Albarmarle Co. road orders 1744-1748
VA 47-000-1 AMELIA Marriages of Amelia County, Virginia, 1735-1825
VA 47-000-2 AMHERST Marriage bonds and other marriage records of Amherst Co. VA 1763-1800
VA 47-000-1 AUGUSTA Annals of Augusta County VA 1726-1871
VA 47-000-2 AUGUSTA Settlers by the Long Grey Trail
VA 47-000-3 AUGUSTA Augusta county, Virginia marriages 1748-1850
VA 47-000-1 BATH Bi-centennial history of Bath County
VA 47-000-1 BERKLEY Marriage records of Berkley Co. Virginia, 1781-1854
VA 47-000-1 BOTETOURT Seed-bed of the Republic: Early Botetourt
VA 47-000-2 BOTETOURT Early marriages, wills & some Rev. WAR records, Botetourt Co. VA
VA 47-000-1 BROOKE Brooks Co. VA / WVA licenses and marriages 1797-1874
VA 47-000-1 CAMPBELL Deed book #1 abstracts
VA 47-000-1 CULPEPER Genealogical & historical notes on Culpepper County VA
VA 47-000-1 ELIZABETH CI Elizabeth City county, Virginia deeds, wills, court orders etc. 1634, 1639, 1688-1701
VA 47-000-1 FREDERICK Frederick County, Virginia, Marriages, 1771-1825
VA 47-000-2 FREDERICK Abstracts of wills, inventories ... Frederick Co. VA Virginia, 1743-1800
VA 47-000-3 FREDERICK Hopewell Friends history 1734-1934
VA 47-000-1 GOOCHLAND Historic roads of Virginia Goochland Co.: road orders 1728-1744
VA 47-000-2 GOOCHLAND Marriages of Goochland county, Virginia
VA 47-000-1 GRAYSON Pioneers of Grayson County, Virginia
VA 47-000-1 LOUISA Louisa County records you probably never saw of 18th century VA
VA 47-000-1 LUNENBERG Sunlight on the southside lists of tithes, Lunenburg county, VA 1748-1783
VA 47-000-1 MONTGOMERY Brief of wills & marriages in Montgom. & Fincastle Co. , VA 1733-1831
VA 47-000-2 MONTGOMERY Montgomery County, Virginia, ca 1790
VA 47-000-1 NORTHAMPTO Northhampton County, Virginia marriage bonds, 1706-1854
VA 47-000-1 NORTHUMBER Records of indentured servants and certificates for land
VA 47-000-1 ROCKINGHAM Virginia Valley records of Rockingham Co., VA and related regions
VA 47-000-2 ROCKINGHAM Marriages in Rockingham county, Virginia 1778-1816
VA 47-000-1 SCOTT History of Scott Co. Virginia
VA 47-000-1 SURRY Virginia: 1668 census of tithables in Surry County, Virginia
VA 47-000-2 SURRY Colonial Surry
VA 47-000-1 WASHINGTON Families of Washington County and Bristol Virginia 1776-1996
VA 47-000-1 WESTMORELA Wills of Westmoreland County, Virginia, 1654-1800
VA 47-000-2 WESTMORELA Virginia County records, new series, volume 1
VA 47-000-3 WESTMORELA Westmoreland county, Virginia
VA 47-000-2 WYTHE Virginia historic marriage register, Wythe county, marriages 1790-1850

VA 47-1 Virginia Genealogists
VA 47-2 Virginia Appalachian Notes (Southwest Virginia)
VA 47-3 Frederick Findings
VA 47-4 Southwest Virginian


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