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018 GENEAL Genealogical Periodical Annual Index. vol. 13 through vol.31    
018 JACOBU Donald Lines Jacobus' index to genealogical periodicals    
018 NSDAR Genealogical guide master index to  the DAR Magazine    
018.73 ACORN Genealogical Acorn  
018.73 ALT REC Beyond Vital Records  
018.73 CAR-DEL Car-del Scribe. 1964-1985 
018.73 CHEDWA Chedwato Dispatch
018.73 DAR DAR Magazine / American Spirit
018.73 DOLLAR Dollarhide Genealogy Bulletin
018.73 FAMREC Family Records Today  (3 volumes)
018.73 FORUM FORUM (Bulletin)
018.73 GENEAL Genealogist's Post
018.73 GENEX Genealogist's Exchange
018.73 GENJOUR Journal of Genealogy
018.73 GENREF Genealogical Reference Builders
018.73 GENWORK Genealogical Worker 
018.73 HELPER Genealogical Helper / Family History Magazine
018.73 HELPER INDEX Genealogical Helper - 35 Year Index to Helper Articles
018.73 HERITA Heritage Quest
018.73 MISSIN Missing links  (2 binders)
018.73 MT EMP Mountain Empire Quarterly
018.73 NATION National Genealogical Society Quarterly 
018.73 NATNEWS National Genealogical Society Newsletter
018.73 REUNIO Reunions general
018.73 RIDGE Ridge Runners. 1972-1976  (3 Binders)
018.73 SECOND Dinghy
018.73 SECOND Second Boat 
018.73 SEVENT Seventeen seventy-six. volumes 1-5.
018.73 TAG American Genealogist
018.73 TRI-ST Tri State Trader

032 CENTURY Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
032 COLUMB Columbia Encyclopedia Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia  

310 CAT 1790-1890 Bureau of the census catalog: 1790-1890 census 
310 CAT 1900 Bureau of the census catalog: 1900 census.
310 CAT 1910 Bureau of the census catalog: 1910 census.
310 CAT 1920 Bureau of the census catalog: 1920 census
310 CAT 1930 Bureau of the census catalog: 1930 census
310 CENSUS The Census Book
310 COMPEND United States census compendium
310 GREENE American population in before the Federal Census of 1790
310 HANDY Handy tips on how to use the U.S. census records
310 MAP GU Map guide to the U.S. federal census, 1790-1920
310 MAPS Census maps: CA, CT, MA, ME, MD, MI & NY for the 1970 census
310 MIGRATION Migration study of the 32 states the United States in 1850
310 RESEAR Researcher's guide to the United States census
310 STATE State census records
310.4 FAM 1790 Grand families of America 1776-1876
310.4 FRAUD Rejected Lineages From America's First Families
310.4 HEADS 1790 Census heads of families: 1790
310.4 SURN 1790  United States: 1790 Surname list  
310.9 ALAB 1820 Alabama census returns, 1820
310.9 ARIZ TERR 1864 Arizona 1864 territory census index
310.9 ARKA 1840 Arkansas 1840. Index to 1840 U.S. census of Arkansas
310.9 ARKA 1865 Washington Co. Arkansas sheriff's census
310.9 CALI 1870 TULA California 1870. Tulare County 1870 census, California
310.9 DC 1800 D.C. Census: 1800 census of Washington D.C.
310.9 DE 1790 Delaware 1790 census
310.9 DE 1800 Delaware: 1800 census
310.9 GEOR 1790 Reconstructed 1790 census of Georgia
310.9 GEOR 1830 Index to the 1830 census of Georgia
310.9 GEOR 1850 CLARKE Georgia 1850. Clarke County Georgia, 1850 census
310.9 ILLI 1820 Illinois census returns, 1820
310.9 ILLI 1840 V.1 Illinois: 1840 census (v. 1) Adams - Dupage Counties
310.9 ILLI 1850 JERSEY Illinois: 1850 Index to the census of Jersey County, Illinois
310.9 ILLI 1860 BUREA Illinois: 1860 federal census of Bureau County, Illinois
310.9 ILLI 1860 JERSE Illinois: 1860 census : Jersey County
310.9 ILLI 1860 RANDO Illinois: 1860 census : Randolph County
310.9 IOWA 1820 Iowa: 1820 census: Dubuque county
310.9 IOWA 1836 Iowa: 1836 census of Iowa territory
310.9 IOWA 1850 Iowa 1850 census index
310.9 IOWA 1850 DUBU Iowa: 1850 census : Dubuque County
310.9 IOWA 1869 HENRY 1869 partial census, Henry County, Iowa
310.9 KANS 1855 Census of territory of Kansas, 1855
310.9 KENT 1800 Kentucky. 1800 Second census of Kentucky
310.9 KENT 1800-50 CU Kentucky: 1800 - 1850 Cumberland Co.  
310.9 KENT 1810-1840 WAYNE Kentucky. 1810-1840 Wayne County census.
310.9 KENT 1850 Kentucky: 1850 Census index of Kentucky
310.9 MARY 1800 Maryland: 1800 census of Maryland
310.9 MARY 1850 FRED Maryland: 1850 census: Frederick County
310.9 MISSI 1820 1820 census of Mississippi
310.9 MISSO 1850 Missouri:  1850 census index
310.9 1870 CHRISTIAN Missouri: 1870 federal census of Christian County, MO
310.9 MISSO 1890 v.1 Missouri:  Index to Christian, Dade, Dalla, Polk & Taney Co. MO 1890 
Special federal index of Union veterans and widows
310.9 MISSO 1890 v.2 Missouri:  Index to Greene, Lawrence, Barry, Stone, McDonald & Jasper
Co. MO 1890.  Special federal index of Union veterans and widows
310.9 NEBR 1854-56 Nebraska; 1854-56 census index
310.9 NEW Y 1800 New York 1800; an index to the Federal census schedules 
310.9 NEW Y 1810 CHENANG New York 1810: Chenango County federal census transcript
310.9 NEW Y 1820 OSWEGO New York 1820: Oswego County federal census transcript
310.9 NOR C 1784-87 North Carolina: 1784-1787 state census
310.9 NOR C 1790 RUTHER North Carolina: 1790 census & 1782 Tax list, Rutheford County
310.9 OHIO 1820 BROWN Ohio: 1820 census: Brown county
310.9 OHIO 1830 BROWN Ohio: 1830 Census of Brown county, OH
310.9 OHIO 1850 Ohio: 1850 Census index of Ohio
310.9 OHIO 1850 COLUMB Ohio: 1850 Census of Columbia County Ohio
310.9 OHIO 1850 VAN  Ohio: Footprints on the past - 1850 Van Wert Co. OH census
310.9 PENN 1790 Heads of families of the first census, Pennsylvania, 1790
310.9 PENN 1800 Index to the 1800 census of Pennsylvania
310.9 PENN 1810 Pennsylvania 1810 census index
310.9 PENN 1850 FULTON 1850 United States Census for Fulton Co., PA, Vol. 10
310.9 RHOD 1774 Rhode Island: 1774; Census of the inhabitants of Rhode Island
310.9 TENN SETTLEMENTS 1770-1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements 1770-1790
310.9 TENN 1820 Tennessee, 1820: Index to the 1820 census of Tennessee
310.9 TENN 1850 Tennessee:1850 Census index of Tennessee
310.9 VIRG 1787 The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Randolph County, VA
310.9 VIRG 1790 Virginia 1790: Heads of families at the first census of the U.S.
310.9 VIRG 1810 Virginia 1810 : Heads of families  in the third census of the U.S. 
310.9 VIRG 1810 SUP Virginia 1810: Supplement to the 1810 census of Virginia

610.3 ENCYCL Encyclopedia & dictionary of medicine, nursing & allied health

901 HISTORY A History of American Civilization
907.2 COPYIN Copying source records and their preparation for library use
907.2 FELT Researching, writing, and publishing local history
907.2 PARKER Local history: how to gather it, write it, and publish it
907.2 SHUMWA Oral history primer

910.3 ALSBER American guide; sourcebook & complete travel guide to the U.S.
910.3 AMERICA The Lost Towns and Roads of America.
910.3 ATLAS School and Home Atlas of the World.
910.3 HISTORI Historic Houses
910.3 ILL GAZ Illustrated gazetteer of the United States
910.3 MUNI-1932 Municipal index and atlas
910.3 ORIGIN Origin of certain place names in the United States
910.3 POST Post Offices in the United States, 1884
910.3 RESTOR Restored village directory
910.3 WASHIN In Washington / Newsletter of the Nat. Society of the D.A.R. 
910.3 WEBSTE Webster's Geographical dictionary
911 ANDROIT Township atlas of the United States
911 ATLAS Atlas of U.S.A. & World
911 ATLAS AMERICA Hammond 1998 Road Atlas
911 ATLAS COLLIER Collier's World Atlas and Gazetter
911 ATLAS LIFE Life Pictorial Atlas (oversize)
911 EVERTO Genealogical atlas of the United States of America
911 HAMMOND Hammond citation world atlas 
911 MCKOWER Map catalog
911 REVOLU American Revolution 1775-1783, atlas of the 18th century (Oversize)
911 US GEOL Using maps in genealogy
911 WORLD Historical atlas of the world  (Oversize)
911.1 ATLAS HAMMOND Hammond's New Supreme World Atlas

920 ABRIDG Abridged compendium of American genealogy - 7 vol
920 BROGAN American presidential families
920 DAR D.A.R. Library Catalog, v. 1; Family histories and genealogies
920 FARAGHER Daniel Boone The Life and Legend of an American Pioneer
920 KANE Facts about the Presidents
920 SHEPHERD Women in history

929 ACTION Genealogy in action 
929 AGLL Seven steps to a family tree 
929 ALLEN First steps to genealogy
929 AMERIC How to trace your family tree; guide for the beginner
929 BALHUIZ Searching on location
929 BENTLY County Courthouse Book
929 BENTLY Genealogist's Address Book
929 CERNY Ancestry's guide to research: case studies 
929 CLINT Area keys genealogy research manual basic III
929 COLUMNIST Genealogical newspaper columns
929 DOANE Searching for your ancestors; the how and why of genealogy
929 EAKLE Photograph analysis
929 EVERTO How book for genealogists
929 FAMILY Family history made easy
929 FHC Going to Salt Lake City to Do Family History Research
929 FRISCH Unlocking The Secrets In Old Photographs
929 HARLAN Genealogical research standards
929 HEIDEMA How to do genealogy
929 HELMBO Tracing your ancestry: a step-by-step guide  
929 JON FUN Family history for fun and profit.
929 JON JUR Genealogical research; a jurisdictional approach.
929 KIRKHA Handwriting of American records for a period of 300 years
929 OATES Art of collecting genealogy and history
929 READER Genealogical reader; a collection of articles
929 ROSTER Roster '95 
929 SHULL Photographing your heritage
929 SOC SEC Social Security Applications; A Genealogical Resource
929 SOUNDEX The Soundex Reference Guide general
929 SPERRY Abbreviations and acronyms: a guide for family historians
929 STEVENSON Search and research
929 TIPS Tips on research, U.S.A.
929 WESTIN Finding your roots: how every American can trace his ancestors
929 WHAT DI What did they mean by that? A dictionary of historical terms  
929 WHAT DI What did they mean by that? (v.2)
929 WHAT WHO From A to Zax
929 WHITNE Genealogical textbook
929 WRIGHT Building and American pedigree; a study of genealogy

929.01 CITE Cite your sources
929.01 EVIDEN Evidence! Citation and analysis for the family historian
929.01 GOBBLE Who's where in your genealogical records? 
929.01 JONES Chaos & confusion
929.01 PEHRSO Order

929.06 ASHLEY What's in a name
929.06 GRAMPS Gramp's nickname
929.06 GRANNY Granny's nickname
929.06 NICHOL What's in a name

929.08 CACHE Handbook for genealogical correspondence
929.08 GOBBLE What to say in your genealogical letters

929.09 ANDERE Computer genealogy: a guide to research through high technology
929.09 CYNDi'S Cyndi's list
929.09 KEMP Virtual roots
929.09 PAFLOW Personal Ancestral File 2.3 user's guide
929.09 PRZECHA Guide to genealogical software

929.1 ANCEST Ancestry's red book: American state, county & town sources
929.1 BREMER Compendium of historical sources
929.1 EVERTON UNUSUAL Unusual record sources
929.1 GREENW Researcher's guide to American genealogy
929.1 HANDY Handy book for genealogists, 1962, 1967, 1971, 1981, 1991, 1991, 2002
929.1 LIBRARY Library: a guide to the LDS Family History Library
929.1 PRINTED Printed sources: a guide to published genealogies
929.1 RESEAR v.1&2 Genealogical research: methods and sources
929.1 SCHWEITZE Handbook of Genealogical Sources
929.1 SOURCE Source: a guidebook of American genealogy (2 volumes)
929.1 STEVEN Search and research, the researcher's handbook.

929.101 BREMER Sources and repositories.
929.101 FAMILY Family associations, societies and reunions
929.101 FILBY Directory of American Libraries with Genealogy or Local History Collections
929.101 MEYERS Meyer's Directory of Genealogical Societies in the U.S.A. and Canada 1990.
929.101 RESEAR 1989 Genealogical research directory: national & international
929.101 WPA W.P.A. bibliography #9
929.1012 DC CON Library of Congress
929.1012 DC RESEA Genealogists guide to Washington D.C. Research
929.1012 IL SINK Guide to local and family history at the Newberry Library (Chicago)
929.1012 UT BROW Handy index to the holdings of the Genealogical Society of Utah
929.1013 DIRECT Directory of family associations
929.1013 HELPER Family Helper catalog of newsletters: 1991

929.103 BENTLEY Genealogist's address book
929.103 BENTLEY 1998 Genealogist's address book  4th edition
929.103 FUNERA American blue book of funeral directors, 1986-87
929.103 VITAL International vital records handbook,  4th edition
929.103 VITALS Genealogist's Where to Write Directory For Births, Deaths, Marriages and Divorces
929.103 WHERE Where to write for vital records
929.103 YELLOW National yellow book of funeral directors 1990 & 1995
929.103 YELLOW 2 National yellow book of funeral directors: 1995

929.11 CULLIGAN You, Too, Can Find Anybody
929.11 JOHNSON How to locate anyone who is or has been in the military
929.11 KLUNDER Lifeline: the action guide to adoption search

929.12 ARCHIV Archives: a guide to the National Archives federal branches
929.12 BABBEL Lest we forget: guide to genealogical research in the Nation's capital
929.12 CATALO Catalog of national archives microfilm publications
929.12 COLKET Guide to genealogical records in the National Archives
929.12 MILITAR Military service records: a select catalog of National Archives film
929.12 PROLOG Prologue: Journal of the National Archives
929.12 RECORD Record: News from the National Archives & Records Administration
929.12 RESEAR Genealogical research in the National archives
929.12 SEATTLE Research opportunities at the National Archives, Seattle Branch
929.12 UNITED Genealogical & biographical research: catalog of National Archive film 
929.2 CATALOG Microfilm in the National Archives - Pacific Northwest region

929.3 ASSOC Encyclopedia of Associations, v. 1
929.3 AYERS Ayers directory of of publications
929.3 FILBY Bibliography of American county histories
929.3 NEWSCO 1985 Newspaper & genealogical column directory (6th edition)
929.3 NEWSCO 1986 Newspaper & genealogical column directory 
929.3 NEWSEN Encyclopedia of the newspaper industry yearbook
929.3 ONENAME Directory of one-name periodicals
929.3 SCHREIN v. 1-3 Genealogical & local history books in print
929.3 SCHREIN 1992 Genealogical & local history books in print 4th edition volume 5 
929.3 ULRICH Ulrichs International Periodicals Directory

929.31 CLEMEN American marriage records before 1699
929.31 MARRIA Marriages of some American residents and guide to documents
929.31 YATES v. 1&2 Families (Yates Publishing)

929.32 BREMER World's funniest epitaphs
929.32 STEMMONS Cemetery records compendium

929.35  ATLAS Historical atlas of religion in America
929.35 BAPTIST V. 1 v. 2 History of the Baptist Church Edwards’ Materials V.1 & 2
929.35  BRE ENC Bretheren encyclopedia vol 1-3
929.35  CAT GEN Genealogical use of Catholic records in North America and Ireland
929.35  CAT JES Jesuits in North America in the 17th century
929.35  CHURCH RECORD Church Records: Ashort Review
929.35  DURNBA Brethern in Colonial America
929.35  EUROPEA European origins of the Brethern
929.35  HUG EM I Huguenot Emigration to America
929.35  HUG PED Huguenot pedigrees
929.35  HUG TRA Trail of the Huguenots in Europe, the u.s, South Africa, and Canada
929.35 MENNO Mennonites family history
929.35  MET CAT Catalog of materials in Archives, PNW Conference, United Methodist 
929.35  MET MEM Memorials of Methodism
929.35  MET NOR Methodism in the Northwest
929.35 PASTORS Biographical directory of pastors of the American Lutheran Church
929.35  QUA FRI Our Quaker Friends of ye olden time
929.35  QUA NOTTINGHAM Nottingham Quakers
929.35  SEARCH Searching American Church Records
929.35  SURVEY v.1&2 Survey of American church records: before 1880 - 1890
929.351  JEWISH Finding Our Fathers, A Guidebook to Jewish Genealogy
929.352 FAMILY Bible records (3 volumes)
929.352 KIRKHAM   Index to some of the Bibles and family records of the United States

929.36 GRASS Grassroots of America: American state papers land grants & claims, 
929.36 HONE Land & property research in the U.S.
929.36 PUBLIC Public land records; footnotes to American history. 

929.39 FAMILY Family history index: a list of less than common surnames

929.6 AUGUST Augustan. Augustan Society
929.6 FILBY American & British genealogy & heraldry
929.6 PINE HER Heraldry, ancestry and titles: questions and answers
929.6 PINE TEA Teach yourself heraldry and genealogy

940 BAXTER In search of your European roots
940 FERGUSON 1270-1815 A Survey of European Civilization 1270-1815
940 HAYES A Political and Cultural History of Modern Europe
940 LAW How to trace your ancestors to Europe

  Records Index - British Isles - Marriages, Births, Christenings [CD FHR Marriages, Births, etc]

941 BURTON Here is England
941 CARLBERG Beginning English research
941 CHURCHILL The birth of Britain
941 HANDY Handy tips to your genealogical research in England & Wales
941 HIBBERT Agincourt
941 HISTORY Europe's Middle Ages 565-1500
941 MELLAN A Practical Guide For The Genealogist In England
941 MOULTON Genealogical resources in English repositories
941 QUERIE v. 1-3 Queries, Coat of Arms, Crests
941 REGISTER Key to the ancient parish registers of England & Wales
941 SAUL A-Z guide to tracing ancestors in Britain
941 TAX Hearth tax and other later Stuart tax lists and the association oath rolls
941.02 BURKE Roll of Battle Abbey
941.02 DOMESDA Domesday Book: Englands heritage then and now
941.02 FAIRBAIRN Crests of the families of Great Britain & Ireland
941.02 FALAISE Falaise Roll
941.02 HISTORY History of Great Britain
941.02 LUNT History of England
941.02 MAGNA Magna Charta sureties 1215
941.02 ROYALTY ARONSON Grandmama of Europe
941.22 CORNWAL Cornwall Family History Society
941.22 GANDY British Plantations Assn. Oath Rolls 1696
941.22 SMITH Immigrants to America appearing in English records 
941.22 SMITH Genealogical research in England & Wales, volumes 1-3
941.22 MAN Fraulyn as Bonglaneyn
941.22 MANX Bulletin of the North American Manx Association
941.22 MANX J Journal of the Manx Museum

941.41 CAMPBELL Scotch-Irish Family Research Made Simple (revised ed.)
941.41 CLANS Clans of the Scottish Highlands / by James Logan
941.41 DOBSON The Jacobites of Angus 1689-1746 Part One and Part Two
941.41 GREAT Great historic families of Scotland, volume 1
941.41 HAMILT In search of Scottish Ancestry
941.41 HIGHLA Highlander, Scottish activities
941.41 JOHNSTONE The Historical Families of Dumfries - Shire and The Border Wars
941.41 KEY Key to the parochial registers of Scotland, earliest to 1854 
941.41 McDONNELL Jacobites of 1715 North East Scotland and Jacobites of 1745 North East Scotland general
941.41 SMITH Tartan For Me! [Expanded Seventh Edition ]
941.41 TIPS Handy Tips For Genealogical Research in Scotland
  Immigration Records: Scottish Immigrants to North America [CD FTM 268 Immigration Records Scottish]

941.5 MATHES Surnames in Ireland
941.52 CELTS The Celts
941.52 IRELAND The Searcch for Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in the Boston Pilot Vol. VII 1871-1876
941.52 IRISH Irish family names society 
941.52 MAPS Irish county maps showing churches in Munster Province, Ireland
941.52 MARSHALL Ulster Sails West
941.52 O'DURNIN If You're a Wee Bit Irish
941.52 RECORDS Irish records - sources for family & local history
941.52 TAY VAL Tay Valley Family Historian; 800 years of Dundee records
941.52 ULSTER Ulster Emigration to Colonial America 1718-1775
941.52 ULSTER Ulster Province
941.52 WILLS Index to the prerogative wills of Ireland
941.53 GREHAN Irish Family Histories

943 BENTZ If I can, you can. Decipher Germanic records
943 BOOKS Books on German Genealogical Research 
943 HALL Atlantic bridge to Germany, volumes 1-5 
943 HANDY Handy tips to your genealogical research in Germany
943 HANSEB Finding Your German Ancesters; A Beginner's Guide
943 HELPER Germanic Genealogical Helper, volumes 3-8
943 JENSEN Genealogical handbook of German research
943 JOYNES German Grammar
943 POM Pomerania It's People and It's History
943 REFERE Reference guide to Germany
943 REIMER German research companion
943 REPORT The Report: Journal of German American history
943 RUSSON Simpler German course
943 SCHENK v. 1 Wuertemburg emigration index v. 1
943 SCHENK v. 2 Wuertemburg emigration index v. 2
943 SCHWEI German genealogical research
943 THODE Address book for Germanic genealogy
943.02 BOEHLKE Germany 2000 Years of History and Culture
943.03 MAPS Lands of the German Empire and before

943.07 CLUES Clues /  American Historical Society of Germans to Russia  (3 boxes)
943.07 GERMAN Germans to Russia, 1980/81  (3 boxes)
943.07 HERITAGE Heritage Review: Germans from Russia Heritage Society  (9 boxes)
943.07 HISTORY "Soviet Russia, History, Culture, People"
943.07 KIRCHEN Kirchnhata obituaries
943.07 KOCH Volga Germans
943.07 SCHEUR Pilgrims on the Earth
943.07 STU SUP Maps of Germany & Russia
943.07 STUMPP Emigration from Germany to Russia, 1763-1862

943.6 HANDY Handy guide to Austrian genealogical records

943.7 CZECH Tracing your Czech & Slovak roots

944 ANDERSON v. 1, 2 & 3 Great migration begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1733
944 FRANCE France; a geographical guide
944 FRENCH French-English dictionary
944 OGRIZ Province of France

945.03 MAPS Carta D Italia  (Oversize)
945.03 WATTS Cesare of Italy
945.05 ITMAG Point: pursuing our Italian names together
945.05 IT DATA Pointer Database
945.05 IT DIR Pointer's Directory

948 JOHANSS Cradled in Sweden
948 STREETER Skoal Scandinavia
948.1 QUALEY Norwegian Settlement in the U.S.
948.1 ULVESTA Norwegians in America
948.97 FINLAN Major genealogical sources in Finland

956 Israel

960 Land and people of Egypt
960 Morocco-Algeria-Tunisia

952 CALDWELL Let's Visit Southeast Asia
952 KEEN Living Japan 

971 ALMANA Canadian Almanac & Directory
971 ATLAS U.S. & Canada regional econonomic atlas
971 BAXTER In search of your Canadian roots
971 OLIVIER Your ancient Canadian family ties
971 POCKET Your neighbor north
971 WHO'S Who's who in Canada, 1969-70
971.02 CAN CEN Canadian census listings, 1666-1891
971.105 OKANAG Grapevines - news from South Okanagan Genealogical Society
971.3 CHADWI Ontarian families
971.3 FAMILIES Families
971.3 FLEUR Fleur
971.3 HIGHLAN Highland Heritage  (2 volumes)
971.3 LAFORES Our French Canadian ancestors
971.3 NEWSLE NEWSLEAF (Ontario Genealogical Society)
971.3 REAMAN Trail of the Black Walnut
971.3 ROOTS Roots, Branches & Twigs, volume 1-2
971.5 HALE Early New Brunswick (Canada) probate records 1785-1835
971.5 NOVA GEN Yarmouth Nova Scotia genealogies
971.5 NOVA IMM Nova Scotia immigrants
971.5 NOVA SCO Nova Scotia Genealogist
  Canadian Genealogy Index (Canada & Alaska), City Directories, Marriage, Birth, Land and Census Records [CD FTM 118 Genealogy Index Canadian 1600-1900]

972.92 JAMAICA Sketch pedigrees of the 17th century
972.96 BERMUDA Bermuda settlers of the 17th century
972.98 BAR REC Barbados records - Baptisms 1637-1800
972.98 BARBADO Genealogies of Barbados families

973 FISCHER Albion's Seed
973 FORMAT Formation of the Union
973 HEREDI Hereditary register of the U.S., 1978
973 McMASTER v. II A history of the people of the United States
973 McMASTER v. III A history of the people of the United States
973 SMITH Shaping of America; a people's history of the young republic
973 STARKEY Land Where Our Fathers Died

973.03 AMERICA American Migration Patterns
973.03 BOYER 1 Ship passenger lists NY & NJ 1600-1825
973.03 BOYER 2 Ship passenger lists PA & DE 1641-1825
973.03 BOYER 3 Ship passenger lists south 1538-1825
973.03 COLDAZ Complete book of emigrants 1607-1660
973.03 COLDHA Complete book of emigrants in bondage, 1614-1775
973.03 COLDHA v. 2 Complete book of emigrants in bondage, 1614-1775 - Supplement
973.03 COLLETA They came in ships: A guide to finding your immigrant arrival 
973.03 FILBY Passenger and immigration bibliography
973.03 FILBY Passenger and immigration index  (23 volumes)
973.03 GARLAN Trail-Makers of the Middle Border
973.03 HOTTEN Original lists of persons of quality, emigrants, religious exiles...
973.03 HOTTEN 2 Omitted chapters from Hotten's
973.03 IM, EM.TIPS Handy Tips on Immigration, Emigration and Naturalization Sources
973.03 IRELAND Irish passenger lists, 1847-1871
973.03 LANCOU Bibliography of ship passenger lists, 1538-1825
973.03 MAP Map guide to American migration routes 1735-1815
973.03 MARY v. 7 Search for the passengers of the Mary & John, 1630 v. 7: Ma-St
973.03 MILLER Migration, emigration, immigration: principally to & in the U.S. 
973.03 NATURA American naturalization 1790-1885
973.03 NEAGLES Locating your immigrant ancestor
973.03 NEW New World immigrants: a consolidation of ship passenger lists 
973.03 PASSEN Passengers to America: ship  lists from the New England H&GR
973.03 RECORDS American passenger arrival records
973.03 SZUCS They became Americans: Finding naturalizations & ethnic origins
973.03 TITANIC Royal mail streatmer Titanic passenger list
973.03 TRACIN Tracing the immigrant ancestor
973.03 UNITED Immigrant and passenger arrivals: a catalog of National Archives film

973.032 HAMILT Bibliography of genealogical materials for ethnic minority research

973.033 ARCHIVES American Indians
973.033 BRANDO American Heritage book of Indians
973.033 CANNON Waiilatpu: it's rise & fall
973.033 CARPEN How to research American Indian blood lines
973.033 CHER BLO v. 1&2 Cherokees by blood
973.033 CHER FAM Old Cherokee families
973.033 CHER MOO Exploring your Cherokee ancestry
973.033 CHEREAST Cherokee roots volume 1
973.033 CHEROKEE v. 1 Cherokee by blood volume 1
973.033 CHEROKEE v. 2 Cherokee by blood volume 2
973.033 CHERWEST Cherokee roots volume 2: Western Cherokee rolls
973.033 CHICKAS bk 1 1890 census of Chickasaw Nation book 1: Pontococ County
973.033 CHICKAS bk 2 1890 census of Chickasaw Nation book 2: Pickens County
973.033 CHICKAS bk 3 1890 census of Chickasaw Nation book 3: Tishmingo  & Panalla Counties
973.033 CREEK American old west
973.033 DELAWARE Delaware trails - some tribal records, 1842-1907
973.033 JOSEPH Saga of Chief Joseph
973.033 KIRKHA Our Native Americans and their records of genealogical value
973.033 MOSES Mary Moses's statement
973.033 REJECTED v. 1 Extracts of rejected applications of the Miller Roll of E. Cherokee v. 1
973.033 REJECTED v. 2 Extracts of rejected applications of the Miller Roll of E. Cherokee v. 2
973.033 TE-YOK Te-yok-keen (Hear ye!) 

973.0341 BOLTON Scotch Irish pioneers in Ulster and America
973.0341 CAMPBELL Scotch-Irish family research made simple
973.0341 DODSON Directory of Scots banished to the American plantations 1650-1775
973.0341 EARLY Passenger lists from Ireland
973.0341 HANNAH Scotch Irish - volume 1 & 2
973.0341 OBRIEN v. 1 & 2 Irish settlers in America
973.0341 TURK Quiet adventurers in America: Channel Island settlers in U.S.

973.0343 ENGLAN List of the Germans from Palatinate who came to England in 1709
973.0343 FAUST List of Swiss emigrants in 18th century to colonies
973.0343 HALL Palatine pamphlet
973.0343 KNITTLE Early eighteenth century Palatine emigration
973.0343 RHINEL Rhineland emigrants; lists of German settlers in colonial America
973.0343 SIMMEND Register of Germans to America, 1709

973.0346 NEGRO Negro almanac: a reference work on African Americans 

973.037 FELDMAN Anglo Americans in Spanish Archives

973.1 ARMY List of officers of the army of the United States, 1779-1900
973.1 CLARK American militia in the frontier wars 1790-1796
973.1 LOGAN Volunteer soldier of America.
973.1 NEAGLES U. S. military records: a guide to sources.
973.1 NEW ENG Bibliography of lists of New England soldiers
973.1 PEN 1820 Pension list of 1820
973.1 PEN 1835aNew Eng Pension Roll of 1835
973.1 PEN 1835aMidAtln Pension Roll of 1835
973.1 PEN 1835cSouth Pension Roll of 1835
973.1 PEN 1835dMid-West Pension Roll of 1835
973.1 PEN INV Index to invalid pension records, 1801-1815
973.1 PEN OLD Index to old wars pension files, 1815-1926  (2 volumes)

973.2 ATKINS Appalachian indian frontier
973.2 CLARK Colonial soldiers of the south, 1732-1774
973.2 COLONIA Colonial genealogist
973.2 HUTTON Seventeenth century colonial ancestors

973.3 ATLAS SY Battlefield atlas of the American Revolution  
973.3 BUNNELL New loyalist index vol. 1 & 2
973.3 CROWTH Surname index to 65 volumes of colonial and revolutionary pedigrees
973.3 DAR ALA The Alamo heroes and their revolutionary ancestors
973.3 DAR LINES Index to hidden lineages in the DAR lineages vol. 151-161
973.3 DAR MD Directory of Maryland D.A.R. & their ancestors 1892-1965
973.3 DAR OR Oregon State roster of ancestors
973.3 DAR PAT D.A.R. patriot index  (2 volumes)
973.3 DAR PAT D.A.R. Supplement to the patriot Index
973.3 DAR ROL Index of the Rolls of honor (ancestor's index)
973.3 DAR WA IN Index Washington State Society of D.A.R.
973.3 DAR WA PI Family records of Washington pioneers  (2 volumes)
973.3 DRA BON Recollections of Lewis Bonnett Jr.:the Bonnett & Westzel families
973.3 DRA COCH Legend of Cushetunk: Skinner manuscript & history of Cocheton  
973.3 DRA KING King's Mountain and its heroes: history of King's Mountain
973.3 DRAPER Guide to the Draper manuscripts
973.3 FLEMIN Now we are enemies
973.3 FOR K For king or country
973.3 INDEX Index of Revolutionary War pension applications
973.3 LOCATE Located graves of soldiers & patriots
973.3 NEAGLES Locating your Revolutionary War ancestor
973.3 PIERCE Pierce's Register (17th report of NSDAR
973.3 PRELIM Preliminary inventory of the War Dept. collection of Rev.War records
973.3 REVOLU Revolutionary war bibliography
973.3 SCHWEI Revolutionary War genealogy
973.3 SOMERV Women and the American Revolution
973.3 VAN TYNE The Loyalists in the American Revolution
973.3 WHITE Genealogical Abstracts of the Revolutionary War Pension Files (4 vol.)

WAR of 1812
973.5 REGISTER Register of the Genealogical Society of the War of 1812
973.5 ROSTER Roster of the Genealogical Society of the War of 1812
973.5 SCHWEI War of 1812 genealogy

973.6 HEROES Alamo Heroes
973.6 WHITE Index to Mexican War pension files

973.7 ANDERSON Andersonville
973.7 ATWATER Prisoners who died at Andersonville Prison
973.7 BEARSE Battle of Wilson's Creek
973.7 BEECON Confederacy: a guide to archives of Confederacy
973.7 BEEUNI Union: a guide to Federal Archives
973.7 DORNBUS Military bibliography of the Civil War vol. 2
973.7 FREEMAN Lee's Lieutenants - a study in command
973.7 INGETHON Borderland rebellion: the Civil War on Missouri -Arkansas border
973.7 JOHNSON Battles & leaders of the Civil War: The tide shifts v. III
973.7 POMPEY Civil war veteran burial listings
973.7 SCHWEI Civil war genealogy: a guide for tracing your Civil War ancestors
973.7 UNION Union veterans & widows of the Civil War census index, 1890
973.7 UNITED Civil war maps in t he National Archives

973.89 SPANWAR Story of the Spanish American War and the Revolt of the Philippines (Oversize)

973.913 CHAPLA U.S. Army chaplaincy, 1865-1920 v. 3
973.913 COLE Thirty second division in the World War, 1917 - 1919
973.913 GANSSE History of the 126th Infantry in the war with Germany
973.913 SEC DIV Second (Indian Head) Division Association, Inc.
973.913 WAR IN War in maps

973.917 AMERIC American battleships
973.917 KEEL The Keel: Annual from the U.S. Naval Training Center
973.917 OKLAHO USS Oklahoma

973.923 VHPA (Vietnam Helicoptor Pilots) 2002 Membership Directory

974 ANDREWS Great migration newsletter
974 ANDVIR New England's generation
974 BENTON Working out in New England, 1656-1817
974 BOLTON Immigrants to New England, 1770-1775
974 COLEMA New England captives carried to Canada vol. 1 & 2
974 ENGLIS English origins of New England families  (3 volumes)
974 EXODUS New England Exodus. vol. 1-3
974 FARMER Genealogical register of the first settlers of New England;
974 GATEWAY The gateway states: New Jersey & New York
974 HANSEN Dorchester group: puritanism and revolution
974 HOLBROOK Yankee loggers: a recollection of woodsmen, cooks and river drivers
974 HOLMES Directory of the ancestral heads of New England families 1620-1700
974 LEE New England genealogies  (2 volumes)
974 NEW E New England -- New York ancestors before 1850
974 NOVA Genealogies from NEHCS : New Englanders in Nova Scotia  (2 volumes)
974 NOVA IND Index to genealogies from NEHG: New Englanders in Nova Scotia
974 PHELPS Puritan Roots
974 ROOTS Ancestral roots of sixty colonists who came to New England
974 ROOTS1 Ancestral roots of sixty colonists
974 ROOTS2 Ancestral roots of certain American colonists before 1700
974 SAVAGE Genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England  (4 volumes)
[the society also has this book on CD- GRS 114 First Families of America 1]
974 VAUGHN New England Frontier: Puritans & Indians, 1620-1675
974.01 REHR Ancestors from the eastern heartland: PA, NJ, MD & DE [Vital Records]
974.01 TORREY New England marriages prior to 1700
974.01 TORREY Suppl. 1 Supplement to Torrey's New England marriages prior to 1700 
974.01 TORREY Suppl. 2 Supplement to Torrey's New England marriages prior to 1700 
974.01 TORREY Suppl. 3 Supplement to Torrey's New England marriages prior to 1700 
974.09 NEW EN Handy tips to your genealogical research in New England.
974.09 OSBORN New England sources in Seattle Libraries
974.09 SPERRY New England genealogical research: a guide to the sources
974.095 NEW ENG NEHGR index of persons A-O volumes 1-50
974.095 NEW ENG NEHGR index of persons P-Z volumes 1-50
974.095 NEW ENG NEHGR Index of persons Volumes 51-148 (4 volumes)
974.095 NEXUS NEXUS (1 box)
974.095 QUARTE New England Quarterly (1 box)
974.095 REGIST New England historical and genealogical register 1963 - present (13 boxes)

975 CROZIER Virginia county records
975 HARDY Colonial Families of the Southern States of the U.S.
975 HOLCOMB Marriage notices from the Southern Christian Advocate 1867-1878
975 KIRKHA Index to some of the family records of the southern states
975 OLD SOUTH The Old South: Alabama, Florida, George, Mississippi, South Carolina
975 POTTER Passports of southeastern pioneers, 1770-1823
975.06 LESTER Old southern Bible records
975.06 QUERIES Southern queries
975.065 EXCHANGE v. 1-2 Southern Genealogist Exchange Quarterly
975.09 SOUTHE Handy tips to your genealogical research in southern records.
976 The border states: Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

977 DOLAN Yankee peddlers of early America
977 HOLT Orphan trains; placing out in America
977 MOORE Northwest under three flags
977 OBITUAR Abstracts of obituaries in the Western Christian Advocate 1834-1850
977 SEARIG Old Pike: a history of the National Road
977 WALDEN Pioneer families of the Midwest Vol. I-III in one
977.095 MID ANC Midwest Ancestree magazine
977.095 MIDHER Midwestern Heritage

978 HOLT Orphan Trains: placing out in America
979 ALEXANDER Legends of the old west
979 AMER v. 1 Pioneer spirit [American Heritage]
979 BLUMBERG Incredible journey of Lewis & Clark
979 DANA Great west
979 KERR Pacific Northwest
979 KRELL Beautiful Northwest
979 LAMBERT The Pacific Northwest: Past, Present and Future
979 MONTGO Brazen overlanders
979 MORGAN Last Wilderness: the Olympic Peninsula, WA)
979 PIONEER MEM BK 1 Pioneer memories book one [Spring 1991]
979 PIONEER MEM BK 2 Pioneer memories book two [Spring 1991]
979 POMEROY Pacific slope
979 REMING Crooked trails
979 SCHLISSEL Women's diaries of the westword journey
979 SUMMERS Go to the Cowlitz Peter Crawford
979 SUNSET Pacific Northwest and British Columbia
979 THOMPSON Pacific Coast rugged harmony
979.095 COLUMBIA Columbia: Magazine of Northwest history