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Directories & Search Engines

  • Astronomical Resources on the Internet  ( Joe Krau, Science Librarian, University of Denver and Pete Banholzer, Goddard Space Flight Center Library)  Sections include: Starting Points ; Article & Preprint Databases ; Journals ; Books  ; Catalogs and Data Centers ; Organizations ; Software ; Observing Programs ; Telescope Making ; Educational Resources ; Online Star Charts ; Terminology ; References.

  • Astronomy & Astrophysics (World Wide Web Virtual Library)

  • Astronomy Links

  • Astronomy Resources (Space Telescope Science Institute)

  • SCIRUS  Search engine for the sciences




Dictionaries, Gazetteers, Image Collections


Journals & Newsletters

General Resources

  • Antimatter: Mirror of the Universe  (CERN)

  • Astronet ASTRONET offers information on astronomical phenomena and closely follows the news on astronomy, space research, space flight, meteorology and earth sciences.

  • Astrobiology Web  (Discovery Channel) SpaceRef.com is a suite of tools and services designed to allow both the novice and specialist alike to explore outer space from their personal computer.

  • Bad Astronomy  (Sonoma State University)  "devoted to airing out myths and misconceptions in astronomy and related topics"

  • Center for Earth & Planetary Studies  (Smithsonian /Center for Earth and Planetary Studies)   

  • Hawkings Universe  (PBS)

  • NASA Homepage

  • SpaceWatch Project  (University of Arizona) "The primary goal of Spacewatch is to explore the various populations of small objects in the solar system, and study the statistics of asteroids and comets in order to investigate the dynamical evolution of the solar system"

  • Windows to the Universe  (University Corporation of Atmospheric Research (UCAR),

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Asteroids, Meteoroids & Comets

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Moon, Sun & Stars

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Earth (see: Earth Sciences)


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  • Atlas of Mars (NASA)

  • Explore Mars Now (Nexterra)  an interactive, three-dimensional model of a possible base station and habitat for the first humans on Mars. It includes the base exterior, the layout, work and living spaces, greenhouse, Mars car, robot rovers, and, and other details. There is also a section of Mars facts.

  • Mars Exploration (NASA)

  • Mars Global Surveyor  "With the release this month (October 2002) of the latest installment of 18,812 images, the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) passes another major milestone: more than 100,000 images have been validated and archived with the NASA Planetary Data System. The total number of archived images now available on-line is 112,218--more than twice the number of pictures acquired by the two Viking orbiters in 1976-1980."

  • Mars Image Gallery  (CNN)

  • Mars Links

  • Roving Mouse Mars Atlas

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Space Exploration

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