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  •  (American Society for Microbiology)  The MicrobeLibrary is searchable portal providing a peer reviewed, web-based collection of resources about the microbial world. The Library builds upon the scientific expertise, intellectual creativity, and private collections of the 42,000 members of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and other microbial researchers from around the world. 

  • National Center for Biotechnology 

  • National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature (NRCBL) "... a specialized collection of books, journals, newspaper articles, legal materials, regulations, codes, government publications, and other relevant documents concerned with issues in biomedical and professional ethics...The library holdings represent the world's largest collection related to ethical issues in medicine and biomedical research."

  • National Biological Information Infrastructure Metadata Clearinghouse Gateway

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias



  • MedBioWorld  "...the largest Web site for access to medical and bioscience journals, associations, and databases with more than 17,500 active links."

General Resources

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