drugs in society class

New chemistry class, Drugs in Society, added to spring 2010 schedule

A new chemistry class, Drugs in Society, has been added to the Wenatchee Valley College spring schedule. Shane Hendrickson will teach the five-credit class Monday through Thursday from 1 to 2:15 p.m.

General physical science courses routinely fill quickly at WVC, and the Drugs in Society course gives another option for students who need a nonlab physical science class for their degree.  

The course explores the basis of drug action, major categories of drugs, and risk and benefits of drug use from an individual, social and economical viewpoint. Other topics include historical perspective and ethnopharmacology; the delivery, absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs; and modern drug development regulation.

Shane earned a degree in medicinal chemistry at the University of Washington and previously taught in the Washington State University College of Pharmacy.