WVC Foundation awards scholarships

WVC Foundation awards scholarships for 2014-2015

Media Contact: Stacey Lockhart, WVC Foundation executive director, 509.682.6415

The Wenatchee Valley College Foundation has awarded scholarships totaling $160,050 to 71 high school and returning WVC students for the 2014-15 school year.

The WVC Foundation provides scholarships for nursing, allied health, industrial technology, education, business, automotive technology, horticulture and tree fruit, music and many other program concentrations, as well as scholarships based on financial need and the desire to attain a college education. The foundation also helps to administer several scholarships from outside funders.

Audrey Chan Nui Scholarship

Tucker Reid, Wenatchee High School, $1,000

Bowers Gracey Allied Health Scholarship

Jeffrey Sim of East Wenatchee, $4,000

Career Fair Scholarship

Marbella Leyva of Manson, $1,000

Clarence and Della Murray Allied Health Scholarship

Darla Daniels of Wenatchee, $1,000

Michael McPherson of Wenatchee, $1,000

Corky K. Spanjer Scholarship

Gracia Mata, Eastmont High School, $4,000

Earl Thomas Jones Nursing Scholarship

Jasmine Hutchinson of Leavenworth, $1,000

Everett and Marilyn Dalton Memorial Scholarship

Elida Leyva of Manson, $4,000

Shelby Simonson of Cashmere, $4,000

George L. Sellar Scholarship

Blanca Avila of Wenatchee, $1,500

George and Florence Eickelberner Scholarship

Xochitl Mandujano, Eastmont High School, $1,000

Gertrude Keagle Scholarship

Laura Kesti of Brewster, $1,000

Greater Wenatchee Masonic Education Council Scholarship

Jennifer Madrigal of Entiat, $1,000

Austin Chandler of Wenatchee, $1,000

Harold and Margaret Weed Scholarship

Toma Donceel of Tonasket, $3,300

Briety Koler of Oroville, $3,300

Howard M. Mann Scholarship

Noe Flores, Wenatchee High School, $1,000

Shawn Mullaney of Wenatchee, $1,000

Hu Blonk Memorial Scholarship

Donaji Maydole of East Wenatchee, $1,000

Jack and Edna Maguire Education Scholarship

Eva Garnica-Brooks of Wenatchee, $5,000

Gabriela Ruiz (Herrejon) of Chelan, $5,000

Jack and Irene Batjer Memorial Scholarship

Jesus Rodriguez, Chelan High School, $1,500

Jay and Geraldine Eller Scholarship

Natalie Kahler of Cashmere, $1,000

Joe and Mimi Welty Scholarship

Andres Ramos of Wenatchee, $1,000

Larry K. Stephenson Scholarship

Natalie Kahler of Cashmere, $1,000

Lifeline Ambulance Scholarship

Kellie Brennan of Pateros, $1,000

Hayley Lankhaar of Wenatchee, $1,000

Lovell R. Webb Scholarship

Misty Glover of Oroville, $1,000

Ludwick Family Scholarship

Lisa Collins of Chelan, $1,500

Emma Philley of Wenatchee, $1,000

Marcile McKee Scholarship

Nichole Franklin of Wenatchee, $1,500

Marson and Marson Lumber Scholarship

Michael Sorenson, Cascade High School, $1,050

Masonic Education Council Scholarship

Austin Chandler of Wenatchee, $1,000

Jennifer Madrigal of Entiat, $1,000

MDU Resources Foundation Scholarship

Joan VanZitteren of Wenatchee, $1,000

Meredith Patterson Scholarship

Darla Daniels of Wenatchee, $1,000

NCW Fieldmen's Association Scholarship

Michael Snyder of Orondo, $1,000

Paula Van Eaton Scholarship

Emily Millard, River Academy, $1,000

Luz Colunga of Wenatchee, $1,000

Darla Daniels of Wenatchee, $1,000

Mayra Martinez of Wenatchee, $1,000

Charlee Stroud of Leavenworth, $1,000

Prebble Scholarship

Karissa Allshouse of East Wenatchee, $3,000

Yesenia Ayala of Entiat, $3,000

Sydney Berg of Wenatchee, $3,000

Bianca Hillock of Wenatchee, $3,000

Jacob Hughes of Entiat, $3,000

Cameron Johnson of Wenatchee, $3,000

Maggie Ledbeter of Entiat, $3,000

Marbella Leyva of Manson, $3,000

Yuridia Lopez-Acevedo of Orondo, $3,000

Paighton Miller of Wenatchee, $3,000

Julian Olmos of Entiat, $3,000

Alejandra Ruiz of Chelan, $3,000

Nancy Sanchez Arroyo of Peshastin, $3,000

Katherine Voth of East Wenatchee, $3,000

Olivia Waters of East Wenatchee, $3,000

Victoria C. Wen of Wenatchee, $3,000

Richard Glenn Harper Scholarship

Donaji Maydole of East Wenatchee, $2,000

Inna Oleynik of Omak, $2,000

Stacy White Memorial Scholarship

Andres Ramos of Wenatchee, $1,000

Steve and Ruth Beidler Scholarship

Paige Davis of Wenatchee, $1,000

Wells Fargo Scholarship

Peyton Paul, Eastmont High School, $1,000

Esmeralda Garibay of Wenatchee, $1,000

Patricia Romero of Wenatchee, $1,000

WestSide High School Transition to College Scholarship

Matea Quinton-Pospical, WestSide High School, $1,000

William and Linda Renn Trade Scholarship

John Madrano, WestSide High School, $1,000

WVC Foundation Scholarship

Hannah Capelo, Cashmere High School, $2,100

Chloe Gill, Pateros High School, $2,100

Lauren Johnson, Cashmere High School, $2,000

Michael MacConnell of Wenatchee, $2,100

Molly Morgan of Malaga, $2,000

Alicia Ouellette, Eastmont High School, $2,000

Peyton Paul, Eastmont High School, $2,000

Alexis Raber of East Wenatchee, $2,000

Yu Eng Memorial Scholarship

Charlee Stroud of Leavenworth, $1,000


The WVC Foundation was incorporated in 1971. It exists to build relationships between the community and the college and raise financial support for Wenatchee Valley College students, programs, faculty and staff, as well as special projects such as building campaigns like the Music and Art Center. For information on how to make a gift to the foundation, establish a scholarship or include the WVC Foundation in your estate plans, contact Stacey Lockhart, executive director at 509.682.6410 or slockhart@wvc.edu. Visit the WVC Foundation website at www.wvc.edu/foundation.