WVC Archaeology Excavation

Annual WVC archaeology excavation May 18-21

Media Contact: Alex A.G. Taub, anthropology instructor, 509.682.6768, or Libby Siebens, community relations executive director, 509.682.6436 (Mon. – Thurs.)

May 15, 2015


The Wenatchee Valley College Archaeology class will unearth history May 18 through May 21 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. The community is invited to observe the annual excavation, which takes place between Batjer Hall and Brown Library on the Wenatchee campus.

Students in the spring-quarter Archaeology course will excavate the site planted for them by students in last year's class. They will learn how to excavate, conserve and interpret past objects. What story did past students leave to be discovered this spring? Will this year's class be able to figure out the story of change over time through the artifacts they discover? What false clues were left behind?

This is an opportunity for the community to see the process of archaeology and to ask questions of instructor Alex Taub and the students. The excavation will provide instruction about the logic and process of archaeology and how artifacts are clues about past lifestyles. High school and middle school students will also have the opportunity to learn about the college environment.

For visitors to campus, parking in the college lots is $2 per day.