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Read on to hear the positive stories of Wenatchee Valley College

June 16, 2014 | CAMP grant renewal

After working extremely hard for five years at making the WVC CAMP program one of the best in the nation, WVC received word late last week that our grant has been renewed for another five years! CAMP staff Marcia Fall, Silverio Sierra, Violeta Martin, Maria de Jesus Alvizar, and AmeriCorps volunteer Kole Galbraith have worked to make the program the best it can be to assure that WVC's program would continue to serve students for another five years. Congratulations to the dedicated staff!

CAMP is a federally funded program designed to help students from migrant/seasonal farmworking backgrounds during their first year of college. It provides academic and financial support services to empower students so they have a strong foundation to build upon as they work toward a bachelor's degree.

CAMP collaborates with WVC instructors, student services and community-based organizations to improve educational opportunities for students.

June 10, 2014 | WVC Vet Corps Member, Tony Sandoval

I would like to share with you an event that took place this past weekend at the Chelan County Fairgrounds in Cashmere. WVC Vet Corps member Tony Sandoval coordinated a year-end community service project for all the Vet Corps members from across the State of Washington. Approximately 35 members and their families attended and completed a landscape enhancement project on the fairgrounds. This event provided an opportunity for those stationed at many colleges across the state to connect and share best practices. Tony not only organized the landscape project, but arranged a catered dinner by Country Boys BBQ, music, and camping for the members and their families. His efforts allowed all of these members the opportunity to relax and share their accomplishments.

Friday evening, Tony was presented with the S.T.A.R. Award. Laura Murphy, WVC Veteran Coordinator, was able to visit with Jason Alves, Vet Corps Program Manager, during the event. He shared that several Wenatchee area community members have contacted him in Olympia regarding Tony, and have expressed that Tony has revitalized and connected the veteran groups in our community.

I would like to share what a community partner had to say about the many positive ways that Tony has contributed to WVC and our communities:

Tony has participated in our veteran Joint Readiness Task Force meetings and always brought so much to the table. Tony doesn't just show up - he makes a difference! He really has been a driving force for all veteran organizations collaborating on issues and events. He always demonstrates the heart and enthusiasm to serve others, especially veterans. We have also spent a considerable amount of hours volunteering on an Armed Forces Day Celebration planning committee and he has been instrumental in pulling that event together. Tony will always go the extra mile, is true to his word and just plain gets things done with an amazing attitude. Our local veteran community has benefited from Tony's service this year and we just can't thank him enough!

Congratulations to Tony on receiving the S.T.A.R. award. WVC is fortunate to have Tony on campus serving WVC veterans as well as veterans in our communities. Thank you, Tony.

 June 03, 2014 | Omak Contributes to New Building

WVC at Omak will be replacing the Student Resource Center this summer. The WVC at Omak Foundation will be raising money to help fund the building and some of the equipment needed in the new classrooms and tutoring center to be located there. Armed with that knowledge and the needs of the classrooms, the ASWVC at Omak Senate voted to contribute $30,000 to the building.

The students are donating the money to the project with no real strings attached. Their one request is for a large screen in the convertible classrooms that will open into a larger meeting and learning space. They felt that having a larger screen would help participants better see details of presentations when the rooms were opened up and used for larger groups.

Thank you to the forward-looking ASWVC at Omak!

May 28, 2014 | WestSide High School Prom

Year after year, WVC students on both campuses volunteer and complete service projects in their communities. Recently, they have increased their level of involvement at many events with the goal of helping more people and organizations.

A new example of the servant-leader mentality of the Associated Students of Wenatchee Valley College is their sponsorship of the first prom for WestSide High School students this past weekend. Our students worked with WestSide students, decorated Van Tassell Student Lounge, served refreshments, and provided musical entertainment and equipment.

Wenatchee Junior Service League graciously donated dresses and other clothes and arranged to have stylists on campus in the senate offices before the dance to make sure the young women looked great for the big night. WestSide faculty and staff volunteered their time to be there as chaperones for the dance. Several local businesses donated items and services to ensure the students enjoyed a memorable event.

After a brief slow start, the students danced the night away and enjoyed the first prom since WestSide began operation in 1985. By all accounts, everyone had a great time, and the long-standing bond between WVC and WestSide students strengthened immeasurably.

We should all be proud of the generous spirit of our WVC students. Congratulations on a wonderful evening. Thank you again to our student government leaders and to Donte Quinine for his leadership.

May 27, 2014 | Veterans Tribute Sculpture

The unveiling ceremony for the new Veterans Tribute Sculpture outside Wenatchi Hall was last Wednesday. The sculpture, titled “America,” is a bronze eagle perched atop an American flag. In addition to honoring veterans and members of the military, it holds special meaning to the college because of its creator, Lance Dooley. Lance is a veteran, WVC alumnus, 1992 WVC President’s Medal winner, talented sculptor, and adjunct art faculty member.

We would not have this beautiful tribute sculpture on campus without the vision of the 2012-13 Student Senate and the continued forward momentum of this year’s student government. In response to the rising number of student veterans on campus, and in an effort to find a way to honor not just students, but all military personnel, senate members decided a permanent art piece on campus would be an excellent way to pay tribute. I agree! Thank you to Student Senate, WVC Veterans Office, artist Lance Dooley and the WVC Board of Trustees for making it possible. Most of all, thank you veterans!

Student government recorded the unveiling ceremony: