Testing Doc
account: Wenatchee, site: www-2016


Level 10 User
username: zz-level10
password: zz-level10

Level 6 User
username: zz-level6
password: zz-level6Note: Please use another browser to test level 6 user. The testing doc does not currently work for levels 9 and below.

Project Notes

some snippets still in dev
Con Slider and Fancy Box
future development - OU Blogs
Future development - OU Search
Currently the footer include doesn't allow for manipulation of heading content and would need to make .xsl changes in /_resources/xsl/includes/footer.xsl.

Templates (automatically generated)

Directory Variables at Site Level (automatically generated)

Name Default Value

Snippets by Category (automatically generated)

  • Snippets that look unstyled on standard page:
    • Area of Study (works on Area of Study page)
    • Choose Content (still unstyled on home page, made Column Left edit button disappear)
    • Content Events (works on home page)
    • Content News (works on home page)
    • Content Social (works on home page)
    • Content Social: Athletics (still unstyled on home page, made Column Left edit button disappear)
    • Scores & Schedule (still unstyled in Left Content section of Athletics page)
    • Slider Key Dates (still unstyled on home page)
    • Slider Testimonials (still unstyled on home page)
  • All other snippets worked on standard page
  • The white text in the "Choose Content" table makes it hard to see what you're typing
  • When there is a link and then text on "Content News," the text goes automatically to the next line (not sure if this matters or not)

Assets (automatically generated)

Name Type DM Tag Tags Site Locked to Site Access Restrictions Description


  • Athletics Media Contact
  • OU Gallery
  • OU Gallery - Home
  • Social Media Icons Large
  • Social Media Icons Small
  • Social Widget - Get Connected - Test


Testing Steps
Verify that analytics.inc exists (usually in '/_resources/includes' directory) or code is directly included in xsl.
Verify that analytics.inc is properly included in templates (usually in common.xsl)
Verify that analytics.inc include is commented out in common.xsl until go live date
  • analytics.inc exists
  • properly included in common.xsl
  • analytics.in has been commented out.


Note: Look for the following navigation types and see if supporting files exist (list them). Then test each navigation type by building out a multi-level directory and reviewing the published result.
  • Current[local] only navigation functions properly(at root for parent/current, without subdirectory for current/child)
  • Single level nesting is functioning properly
  • Multi-level nesting is functioning properly (if applicable)
  • Breadcrumb Navigation is working properly
  • Top Navigation is appearing and working correctly
Navigation Type
Side Navigation (_sidenav.inc and script if applicable)
Top Navigation
Breadcrumb Navigation
Local Section Navigation (Secondary Navigation)

Final Tasks

Testing Steps
Verify Search, WNL, RSS, and LDP are working per dev notes
Verify that DM is turned on and the site has been scanned
Verify that _sidenav.inc and other resource files are excluded from sitemap
Verify that robots.txt excludes _resources, _training, and _zztest and _demo from indexing
Delete all test assets and sections
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