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As of August 2020, WVC made the decision to offer all lecture classes remotely for fall
quarter 2020. WVC is currently working to update the course schedule for accuracy. At this
time, course listings may not accurately list how each course will be offered. Many lecture
classes may be listed as face-to-face but will be offered remotely. Students are encouraged to
check back regularly.

Class details can be found at wvc.edu/LineSchedule Classes that have "ZOO" or "ARR" listed
in the "Location" column will be offered remotely. If a time and date is listed for a course,
students should plan to be available during those times for remote learning. See the "Notes"
column to learn more about how courses will be offered.

Students are encouraged to register for the classes they need now to reserve a spot in the course.
Questions? Contact the instruction office at instruct@wvc.edu or 509-682-6600.

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