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Omak Classes

ItemDeptCrsSecTitleCrDayStartEndSeats LeftTotal SeatsLocationFeesNotes
ACCT&202 ENPrin of Acctg II 5.0TTh0400P0620P820NCL0305PRE 
ACCT&203 HYOPrin of Acctg III (Hybrid Course. See footnotes)5.0T1030A1250P616NCL0301PREHYO
ACCT&203 VCPrin of Acctg III (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR824ARRW1PRE 
ANTH 220 VCCross-Culture Stds (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR130ARRW1  
ANTH&205 ENBio Anthr 5.0TTh0400P0700P424NCL0311QBLAB 
ART 213 ENWatercolor I 5.0MW0530P0850P416ADM0122QA,Q3PRE 
ART& 100 VC1Art Appreciation (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR24ARRW1  
ART& 100 VC2Art Appreciation (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR24ARRW1  
ART& 100 VC3Art Appreciation (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR24ARRW1  
BCT 100 ANBasic Computer Keybd 2.0MW0900A0950A1620NFH0204QC  
BCT 100 VCBasic Computer Keybd (WVC Online)2.0ARRARRARR130ARRW1  
BCT 105 ANComputer Applications 5.0MW1030A1250P520NFH0204QCPRE 
BCT 105 VCComputer Applications (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR330ARRW1PRE 
BCT 116 ANProf Work Relations 3.0TTh0200P0320P1826NCL0305  
BCT 118 VCCustomer Service (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR1130SXT6024W1  
BCT 130 VCSpreadsheets (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR1330SXT6024W1PRE 
BCT 160 VCPresentation Graphics (WVC Online)3.0ARRARRARR1030ARRW1PRE 
BCT 200 ANOperating Systems 5.0TTh0130P0350P1620NFH0204CLPRE 
BCT 210 VCWord Processing II (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR2230ARRW1PRE 
BCT 251 VCWeb Publishing (WVC Online)3.0ARRARRARR2230ARRW1PRE 
BCT 275 VCSoftware Integrations (WVC Online)3.0ARRARRARR2430ARRW1PRE 
BIOL 106 VCMarine Biology (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR25ARRW1  
BIOL 125 ANEnvir Sci 5.0TTh0100P0400P220NCL0311QB,QPBIO2LAB
BIOL 217 ANIntro To Ornithology 5.0F0900A0300P120NCL0311QP,QBBIO2LAB
BIOL&242 ANHuman A & P 2 5.0MW0900A1200P924NCL0311QB,Q3PRELAB
BIOL&242 VCHuman A & P 2 (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR24ARRW1PRE 
BIOL&260 ANMicrobiology 5.0MW1230P0400P424NCL0311QBPRELAB
BUS 146 HYOBusiness Ethics (Hybrid Course. See footnotes)5.0M0800A1020A1826NCL0305HYO 
BUS 242 VCRetail Management (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR24ARRW1  
BUS 245 HYOSmall Business Mgmt (Hybrid Course. See footnotes)5.0T0800A1020A1126NCL0301HYO 
BUS& 201 VCBusiness Law (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR30ARRW1  
CDS 106 K2Case Mgmt CD Patient 5.0MW1200P0130P612HER0901PRECDS2
CDS 140 VCCD Relapse Prevention (WVC Online)2.0ARRARRARR1530ARRW1PRE 
CDS 150 K2Adolescent Treatmnt Plan3.0MW0130P0230P612HER0901PRECDS2
CDS 202 K2Counseling Theory 5.0TTh1200P0130P912HER0901PRECDS2
CDS 210 VCComm Prevention (WVC Online)3.0ARRARRARR530ARRW1  
CDS 295 ANField Experience 5.0ARRARRARR1415OMAILPRE 
CHEM&121 ANIntro to Chemistry 5.0TTh0900A1200P224NCL0311QB,Q3PRELAB
CJ 140 K2CJ Rpt Writing 5.0MTWTh0400P0500P712HER0902  
Also MeetsFARR ARR
CJ 150 K2Arrest/Srch/Szure 5.0MTWTh0300P0400P912HER0902  
Also MeetsFARR ARR
CJ 240 K2Traffic Invest 5.0MTWTh0100P0200P812HER0902  
Also MeetsFARR ARR
CJ 250 K2CJ Prof Development 5.0MTWTh0200P0300P812HER0902  
Also MeetsFARR ARR
CMST&210 ANInterpersonal Commun 5.0TTh0800A1020A330NHB0402  
CMST&220 ENPublic Speaking 5.0TTh0400P0620P1026NCL0301  
DRMA&101 VCIntro to Theater (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR225ARRW1  
ECE 132 ANField Experience II 2.0ARRARRARR410PREECE1
ECE 221 K2Mvmt/Motor Developmt 3.0W0530P0830P410HER0901PREHYO
ECE 290 ANECE Practicum 4.0ARRARRARR810PRE 
ECED&170 K2Environments 3.0T0530P0830P12HER0901  
ECED&190 K2Observation/Assess 3.0M0530P0830P210HER0901PRE 
ECON&202 ANMacro Economics 5.0MW1030A1250P526NCL0301  
EDUC&204 K2Exceptional Child 5.0Th0530P0830P210HER0902HYO 
ENGL 090 ANBasic Engl Structure 5.0TTh1030A1250P46NCL0409PRE 
ENGL 092 ENReading Concepts 5.0TTh0400P0620P36NHB0409PRE 
ENGL 097 ANComp: Paragraph 5.0MW1030A1250P819NCL0305PRE 
ENGL 097 VCComp: Paragraph (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR622ARRW1PRE 
ENGL 201 VC1Comp:Adv Essay (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR222ARRW1PRE 
ENGL 201 VC2Comp: Adv Essay (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR322ARRW1PRE 
ENGL 202 ANComp:Critical Analysis 5.0MW0130P0350P24NCL0301QCPRE 
ENGL 250 VCSurvey American Lit (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR124ARRW1  
ENGL&101 ANComposition: General 5.0TTh0130P0350P122NCL0301QCPRE 
ENGL&101 ANComposition: General 5.0MW0800A1020A724NCL0304QCPRE 
ENGL&101 VC1Composition: General (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR224ARRW1PRE 
ENGL&101 VC2Composition: General (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR124ARRW1PRE 
GEOG&102 VCWorld Regional Geog (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR30ARRW1  
GEOL&208 VCGeol of the Pacific NW (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR30ARRW1LABW 
HIST&117 ANWstn Civ II 5.0TTh1030A1250P526NCL03042F  
HIST&146 VCUS History I (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR30ARRW1  
HIST&147 VCUS History II (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR330ARRW1  
HLTH 051 ANBasic First Aid 1.0Sa0900A0300P10NCL0302QU,Q3TMED 
Start Date: 4/2/2016 End Date: 4/9/2016
HLTH 123 ENMedical Terminology 3.0W0400P0650P1126NCL0304  
HUM& 101 ANIntro to Humanities 5.0MW0130P0350P526NBH0401  
HUM& 101 VC1Intro to Humanities (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR230ARRW1  
HUM& 101 VC2Intro to Humanities (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR35ARRW1  
HUMN 141 VCFilm and Culture (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR25ARRW1  
MATH 090 ANBasic Mathematics 5.0TTh0130P0350P1626NBH0401PRE 
MATH 093 ANPre Algebra 5.0TTh1030A1250P1526NHB0401PRE 
MATH 093 ENPre Algebra 5.0TTh0400P0620P1726NBH0401PRE 
MATH 093 VCPre Algebra (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR224ARRW1PRE 
MATH 098 ANElementary Algebra 5.0MW0800A1020A926NHB0401PRE 
MATH 098 ENElementary Algebra 5.0MW0400P0620P1426NBH0402PRE 
MATH 098 VCElementary Algebra (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR224ARRW1PRE 
MATH 099 ANIntermediate Algebra 5.0MW1030A1250P826NHB0402PRE 
MATH 099 VCIntermediate Algebra (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR324ARRW1PRE 
MATH&107 ANMath In Society 5.0TTh1030A1250P826NBH0402PRE 
MATH&107 VC1Math In Society (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR124ARRW1PRE 
MATH&107 VC2Math In Society (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR24ARRW1PRE 
MATH&146 ANIntro to Stats 5.0TTh0130P0350P26NBH0402PRE 
MLT 100 VCIntro to MLT (WVC Online)1.0ARRARRARR715ARRW1  
MLT 230 ANClinical Exper III 12.0ARRARRARR310PRE 
MLT 233 K2Cl Chem & UA 7.0MT0830A1200P815HER0901PRE 
MLT 234 VCClin Chem/UA Lab (WVC Online)3.0ARRARRARR715ARRLTPRE 
NAL 101 ANN A Lang I: nselxcin 5.0MW1030A1250P1215OMA  
NAL 102 ANN A Lang II: nselxcin 5.0MW1030A1250P1115OMAPRE 
NAL 103 ANN A Lang III: nselxcin 5.0MW1030A1250P1415OMAPRE 
NAL 204 ANN A Lang IV: nselxcin 5.0MW1030A1250P1415OMAPRE 
NURS 103 ANNursing 103 6.0MW0800A1100A418NFH0209SAPRE 
NURS 103L ANNursing 103 Lab 6.0ThFARRARR418QL,ILPRE 
NURS 203 ANNursing 203 6.0MW0100P0400P818NFH0209BNPRE 
NURS 203L ANNursing 203 Lab 6.0ThFARRARR818QL,ILPRE 
NUTR&101 VC1Nutrition (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR224ARRW1  
NUTR&101 VC2Nutrition (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR324ARRW1  
NUTR&101 VC3Nutrition (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR24ARRW1  
NUTR&101 VC4Nutrition (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR24ARRW1  
NUTR&101 VC5Nutrition (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR124ARRW1  
OCEA&100 VCIntro to Oceanography (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR25ARRW1  
PCOL 103 ANPharmacology III 1.0T1000A1100A418NFH0209PRE 
PEH 103 ANBody Cond:Wt Train 1.0TTh1100A1200P818NCANCAC 
Also MeetsTTh0100P 0200P
PEH 114 ANBowling 1.0F1000A1200P1224OMABOWLPEH1
PEH 150 ENTennis-Beg 1.0MW0400P0500P918NCANCAC 
PEH 180 ANPersonal Wellness 3.0F0800A1250P1426NHB0401PE18 
Start Date: 4/29/2016 End Date: 6/3/2016
PEH 180 VCPersonal Wellness (WVC Online)3.0ARRARRARR30ARRW1  
PEH 181 VCHealth/Wellness (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR30ARRW1  
PEH 285 VCIntro to Phys Educ (WVC Online)3.0ARRARRARR25ARRW1  
PHIL&101 ANIntro to Philosophy 5.0MW1030A1250P27NHB0401  
PHIL&101 VCIntro to Philosophy (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR130ARRW1  
POLS&202 VCAmer Govt (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR30ARRW1  
POLS&203 ANIntern'l Relations 5.0MW0800A1020A226NCL0301  
PSYC&100 ENGen Psychology 5.0TTh0630P0850P1026NHB0402PRE 
PSYC&100 VC1Gen Psychology (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR130ARRW1PRE 
PSYC&100 VC2Gen Psychology (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR430ARRW1PRE 
PSYC&200 VCLifespan Psyc (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR1135ARRW1PRE 
PSYC&220 ENAbnormal Psych 5.0MW0400P0620P1926NCL0305PRE 
RADT 111 VCRadiation Physics (WVC Online)5.0ARRARRARR626ARRW1PRE 
SDS 101 ANStudy Skills 5.0MW0130P0350P1526NCL0304PRE 
SDS 102 VC1Online Readiness (WVC Online)1.0ARRARRARR1430ARRW1  
Start Date: 3/28/2016 End Date: 4/14/2016
SDS 102 VC2Online Readiness (WVC Online)1.0ARRARRARR2130ARRW1  
Start Date: 5/9/2016 End Date: 5/25/2016
SDS 110 ANCritical Thinking 2.0F0130P0450P1626NHB0401SD21 
Start Date: 4/29/2016 End Date: 6/3/2016
SOC 151 ENSoc of Race 5.0MW0630P0850P1426NBH0401  
SPAN&122 ENSpanish II 5.0TTh0630P0850P1426NCL0304PREFORE

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