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Network Logon Account

A network logon account is provided to every WVC student enrolled in a credit class. This account is required to access the Internet, student e-mail and computers in labs and classrooms.

Two pieces of information are required to log on: an account name (user name prompt) and a password.

  • The account name consists of a student's first initial and last name exactly as it appears in the class registration process and the last four digits of your student ID number. There is no space between the first initial, last name and the last four digits of your SID number. The account name is not case sensitive.  Example:  RSmith1234.
  • The account password is a student's birthday, in mmddyy format.  Please enter all 6 digits including zeros.

Students having trouble logging on should check to make sure they are using the same first initial of the name used to register for class.  Example:  BSmith1234 would deny access to a student registered as Robert Smith.  If problems,continue, check with your instructor , the lab assistants in the Wenatchi Hall Computer Lab (2205) or the library.

Please note:  To prevent hacking, your account is locked after 15 unsuccessful logon attempts. Your password can be reset by a lab tutor, or by your instructor.  You will need to provide some form of identification for them to do so.