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Wireless Student Network

Connecting to WiFi at WVC

The Wenatchee Valley College Wireless Student Guest Network provides free wireless Internet access to any member of the college community with a student logon account and a Web enabled device. 

Quick Connect

If you're familiar with accessing wifi, go to your network wifi settings and select the WVC_Stu_Guest network. To login, use your WVC username and password. For more information on how to connect, continue reading the instructions below. 

Wireless access points have been installed in the following areas:

Wenatchee Campus

  • Brown Library, 2nd and 3rd floors
  • Van Tassell, Student Lounge and Cafeteria
  • Wells Hall, Wings 2, 3 and Campus Theater
  • Wenatchi Hall
  • Music and Arts Center
  • Gym
  • Batjer, northeast wing
  • Eller Fox

Omak Campus

  • Library Building
  • Student Lounge
  • Friendship Hall
  • Omak Nursing

Note: The information resources available in classrooms that utilize college owned and managed equipment are the same as the resources you have in wired classrooms.  These resources include your H: drive, and some specialized library data bases.  For security reasons, when you use your own laptop, you only have access to the Internet.

Note: Since wireless bandwidth is shared among all users connected within a given area, network speed may be noticeably slower when many people are using wireless, and generally will not be as fast as wired Ethernet.