Explore Chicano Studies Through Writing

Explore Chicano/a Studies through Writing offered winter quarter at WVC

Media Contacts: Heather Ryan, English faculty, 509.682.6720, Jaime Ramirez, Chicano studies faculty, 509.682.6792, or Libby Siebens, community relations executive director, 509.682.6436 (Mon. – Thurs.)

November 5, 2015

Wenatchee Valley College will offer a new learning community during winter quarter 2016: Explore Chicano Studies Through Writing.

This learning community combines CHST 120 Identity and Culture with ENGL 202 Critical Analysis. Students will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Chicano/a culture while enhancing their writing skills. The course includes interpretation of Chicano/a culture primarily through literature, but also through theater, poetry, art, film and music. Students will focus on the writing process of planning, revising and editing, and gain skills in expository and argumentative writing, research and documentation.

Explore Chicano Studies Through Writing combines a five-credit CHST 120 Identity and Culture course with a five-credit English 202 Critical Analysis course. Students must enroll in ENGL 202, section DO, item 1747, and CHST 120, section AO, item 1033 to earn 10 credits.

English faculty Heather Ryan and Chicano/a Studies and history faculty Jaime Ramirez will teach the course.

"Our aim is to make this learning community a place where all students will have the opportunity to explore and learn about Chicano/a culture more deeply," Ramirez said.

The class meets Mondays through Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Winter quarter starts Monday, Jan. 4.

For additional information, visit www.wvc.edu/directory/departments/learningcommunities/default.asp.