Wells House Girls

Wells House Girls to be named 2015 WVC Distinguished Alumni of the Year

Media Contact: Kacie Thrift, alumni association coordinator, 509.682.6413

May 7, 2015

The Wenatchee Valley College Alumni Association is proud to announce this year's Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented to the Wells House Girls, also fondly known as WeHoGis, in honor of WVC's 75th anniversary.

The WVC Alumni Association will honor the WeHoGis at a private concert and reception on Saturday, June 6, in The Grove Recital Hall at the Music and Arts Center on campus. Women who lived in the Wells House during their time at WVC and their families are invited to attend the concert as this honor is bestowed and the culmination of the 75th anniversary of WVC nears completion.

The WeHoGis were considered a student organization of Wenatchee Valley College. There was a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, hostess, and two people were voted to be responsible for the scrapbook and bulletin board.

The Wells House Girls came by their name because these alumnae lived in the Wells House between 1953 and 1960 while it was the first dormitory on the college campus. Not only did the girls live in the house, they also had classes there, took meals at the dining hall located in the basement and held social activities for WVC students at the house as well.

Names have changed, people have moved, some have passed on – but the WVC Alumni Association is actively looking for the Wells House Girls in an effort to make sure they know about this honor and event. If you or someone you know lived in the Wells House, please contact alumni coordinator Kacie Thrift at 509.682.6413 or kthrift@wvc.edu.

A list of the Wells House Girls that the WVC Alumni Association needs to locate:

Mryle Denier Ewbank 1954, 1955
Ruth Moody 1955
Ruth Appel 1954
Joan Nelson 1954
Doretta Larson 1955
Wilson 1953
Pitts 1953
Cozart 1953
Hahn 1953
Hayhurst 1953
Parkins 1953
Aridth Eldred 1953, 1954
Shelly Chubb 1954
Hand 1953
Murphy 1953
Sudemeier 1953
Gustin 1953
Chance 1953
Jacqueline Weimer 1954
Shirley Roller 1954
Carol Voris 1954
Sharon Jones 1954
Shirley Fisher 1954
Donita Keim 1954
Shirley Londry 1956
Nadine Coles 1955, 1956
Cecilia Lathrop 1956
Beverly Bedard 1956
Marilyn Wold 1956
Frances Bryant 1956
Carol Reidasch 1956
Carol Winslow 1956
Noelle Hampson 1957
Marlys Elliot 1957
Marie Rasmussen 1957
Vicki Hall 1958
Penny Hull 1958
Diane Lampson 1958
Jodie Sherling 1958
Gael Varsi 1958
Meleta Johnson 1958
Meta Ann Peterson 1958
Jodie Sherling 1959
Cookie Browne 1959
Brenda Tousey 1959
Judy Cohn 1959
Judi Miller 1959
Iva Kvamme 1959
Penny Rock 1959
Judi Hearing 1959
Carol Gills 1959
Carole Broers 1959
Darlene Hames 1959
Carol Obergh 1959
Marta Shockey 1960
Val Blakenship1960
Kelly Cohn 1960
Sharon Summers 1960
Marge Waddell 1960
Jan Carlton 1960
Margie Noyd Johns 1960
Jan Rakestraw 1960
Jackie Hobson Attebery 1960
Joan Dietz 1960
Eileen Scott 1960
Diane Leavy 1960