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 WVC Running Start Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the college receive for the Running Start program and what is the money used for? Where does the money come from?

During the 2007-08 academic year, WVC received $1.17 million for approximately 350 Running Start students. (Running Start students are high school juniors or seniors taking college classes). This year, the number of Running Start students is around 450. The income pays for salaries for the two Running Start staff members and general college expenses, including more than $800,000 for faculty. The school districts pay a fee for each student, based on the number of credits. Running Start students must pay fees such as computer and fitness lab fees, as well as travel and book costs.

Is WVC required to admit Running Start students? Can the college limit the number?

WVC must admit Running Start students. Running Start is a state-mandated program created by the Washington State Legislature. State regulations don't allow the college to limit the number of Running Start students. The students must be given the same consideration as other students attending WVC.

Do Running Start students have the same admissions standards as other students?

Admission standards for Running Start students are higher than other students. Running Start students must qualify for college-level classes--they cannot take developmental classes or anything below the 100 level. Writing scores must be high enough for English 101; reading scores must be high enough for humanities, science and social science classes; and math scores must be high enough for Math 105, Math 108 or above.

Do Running Start students get preference when registering for courses?

No. Registration priority is based on the number of credits completed. Running Start and other students register under the same process.

Do Running Start students pay the same fees as other students?

Running Start students are charged many of the same fees such as computer and lab fees, but not tuition. School districts pay a fee (for tuition) based on the number of credits each student takes.

How much money does the college get for each Running Start student?

The annual (full-time student taking 15 credits per quarter) reimbursement rate, set by the Legislature, is $4,914 for liberal arts and sciences students and $5,779 for vocational students. The high schools retain 7 percent of these amounts for administrative costs.

How many Running Start students graduate from WVC each year?

In 2007, 40 students received their associate of arts and science or associate of technical science degrees. In 2008, 54 students received these degrees. Not all Running Start students seek degrees from WVC--many earn fewer credits and transfer to universities after leaving high school.

Are Running Start students required to take certain classes?

Running Start students choose from the same classes as other students. Some of the classes they take meet requirements for high school diplomas at the same time they receive credit toward their WVC degrees. This is the definition of a dual-enrollment program.

What's the overall GPA of Running Start students.

Since Running Start began in 1992, the average GPA has been 3.0, higher than the average of the other students (typically 2.75 to 2.85).

What happens when a Running Start student misbehaves or fails a class?

Running Start students are under the same policies and procedures as other students, including student discipline and academic regulations.

  Who can I contact about the Running Start program at WVC?

Wenatchee Campus: Ann Brown, Running Start Coordinator (509.682.6848, abrown@wvc.edu); Jamie McLaughlin, Student Success Specialist (509.682.6855, jmclaughlin@wvc.edu)

Omak Campus: Livia Millard, Multicultural Affairs Coordinator and Academic Adviser (509.422.7814, lmillard@wvc.edu)





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