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WVC Faculty

Wenatchee Campus      




 Office and Website

Alman, Karen Communications 509.682.6766 Wells 1011I
Bailey, Scott Art 509.682.6736     MAC 115A, website
Batch, Sompheng Business Computer Technology 509.682.6653 Sexton 6002A
Bennatt, David Biology  509.682.6759 Wenatchi 2330
Berard, Stephen World Languages 509.682.6738 Wells 1011G, website 
Booth, Garrick Mathematics 509.682.6740 Wenatchi 2226 
Brinkman, Richard Sociology  509.682.6769 Wenatchi 2233, website 
Burns, Dave Computer Technology  509.682.6656 Sexton 6010A
Cacciata, Christa Math 509.682.6746  
Cannon, Jim Economics, History  509.682.6761 Wells 1075
Carlson, Gayle Nursing 509.682.6673 Wenatchi 2221G, website
Choman, Michael Business/Accounting  509.682.6651 Sexton 6026B, website 
Clark, Dustin  History  509.682.6764 Wells 1011C
Cooprider, Sandy Physical Education 509.682.6770 Smith 4005, website 
Dawes, Ralph Earth Sciences  509.682.6754 Eller-Fox 3008, website
Doherty, Tom Automotive Technology 509.682.6630 Batjer Hall
Elvikis, Arius Art 509.682.6783 MAC 1528
Fitch, Rob Biology 509.682.6755 Wenatchi 2332, website 
Fowler, Melissa  Nursing  509.682.6672 Wenatchi 2221P
Franz, Greg Physical Education​ 509.682.6771 Smith 4002, website 
Garcia, Leo Agriculture 509.682.6628 Batjer 8034, website 
George, J'Lene Psychology  509.682.6765 Wells 1011K, website 
Gillespie, Bob Agriculture  509.682.6624 Batjer 8041A, website 
Greiner, Bob Automotive Technology 509.682.6631 Batjer 8014A 
Harrell, Doug Medical Assistant 509.682.6680 Wenatchi 2221B
Henderson, Donna Developmental Education 509.682.6798 Wells 1051, website
Hendrickson, Shane Chemistry  509.682.6747 Eller-Fox 3018A, website 
Hewage, Awanthi Chemistry 509.682.6753 Eller-Fox 3006
Iwaasa, Juel Music 509.682.6757 MAC 115B, website 
Jacobson, Zack Industrial Technology  509.682.6636 INDT 7504, website
Johnson, Jack English 509.682.6721 Wells 1011E 
Jourdan, Greg Environmental Systems
Refrigeration Technology   
509.682.6637 Ref. Bldg. 7000,
Kaiser, Jan Medical Assistant  509.682.6667 Wenatchi 2221J, website 
Kottmeier, Lynne Developmental Education 509.682.6725 Wells 1046, website 
Lavinder, Mike Mathematics 509.682.6742  Wenatchi 2225
Long, Erin Physical Education  509.682.6772 Smith 4001, website 
Martin, Nelson Business 509.682.6650 Sexton 6026C, website 
McGregor, Gloria Nursing  509.682.6674 Wenatchi 2221M, website 
Minharo, Joara Political Science 509.682.6763 Wenatchi 1011L, website 
Oldham, Barbara Library  509.682.6714 Library, website
Oltman, Diana Business Computer Technology 509.682.6654 Sexton 6026H, website
Peterson, Michelle Radiologic Technology 509.682.6677 Wenatchi Hall 2221Q
Pflugrath, Shelly Psychology 509.682.6883 Wells Hall 1011J
Poortinga, Ryan Counseling 509.682.6857 Wenatchi Hall first floor
Ramirez, Jaime History/Chicano Studies 509.682.6792 Wells Hall 1011F
Redmon, Angela Mathematics 509.682.6743 Wenatchi 2230, website 
Russell, Angela Mathematics 509.682.6744 Wenatchi 2231, website 
Ryan, Heather English 509.682.6720 Sexton Hall 6026F
Sanchez, Bertha Counseling  509.682.6858 Wenatchi 2131 
Sarmiento, Francisco Agriculture 509.682.6622 Batjer 8036 
Shank, Amy English  509.682.6724 Sexton 6026G, website 
Sheffield, Derek English 509.682.6737 Sexton 6026A, website 
Smet, Robert Criminal Justice 509.682.6645 Batjer 8021, website 
Spurgeon, Nancy  Early Childhood Education  509.682.6633 Wells 1074
Stefanides, Steve Biology/Chemistry  509.682.6751 Wenatchi 2329 
Stephens, Dan Biology 509.682.6752 Wenatchi 2328, website
Tiffany, Gerald English 509.682.6726 Sexton 6026D
Tracy, Patrick Medical Lab Technology 509.682.6678 Wenatchi 2221G, website
Unger, Bruce Physics 509.682.6756 Eller-Fox 3007, website 
Vander Hart, Craig Philosophy 509.682.6728 Wells 1011D
Warman, Beverly Chemical Dependency
509.682.6676 Wenatchi 2221H, website 
Wiest, Sharon Mathematics 509.682.6745 Wenatchi 2232, website 
Medical Laboratory
509.682.6668 Wenatchi 2221P, web site 
Wolcott, Mary Nursing 509.682.6675 Wenatchi 2221F, website 
Wysham, Derin Mathematics 509.682.6734 Wenatchi 2233
Yale, Susan Nursing 509.682.6670 Wenatchi Hall 2221K
Zimmerman, Shelly Radiologic Technology 509.682.6677 Wenatchi 2221Q, website 
Omak Campus      
Coghlan, Anne Nursing  509.422.7956 Friendship Hall 210B, website 
Donahue, Peter  English  509.422.7840 ADM 106, website
Dykes, Jeff Biology 509.422.7876 NCL 316
Lindeblad, David History, Political Science  509.422.7841 NHB 414, website 
McIvor, Mary Business Information
509.422.7852 Friendship Hall 204B, website
Millard, Livia Multicultural Affairs/
Student Services 
509.422.7814 NHB 415
Rodgers, Jean Business 509.422.7846 NHB 412 website 
Turner, Vicki Academic Adviser  509.422.7812 NHB 418



1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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