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Staff Contacts

President's Office    
President Dr. Jim Richardson 509.682.6400
Executive Assistant to the President Janet Franz 509.682.6400
Administrative Services    
Vice President, Administrative Services Brett Riley 509.682.6514
Director, Facilities and Operations Rich Peters  509.682.6465
Director, Fiscal Services Janice Fredson 509.682.6505
Director, Auxiliary Services Gary Vandegrift 509.682.6535
Manager, Purchasing Mary Conley 509.682.6516

Community Relations

Executive Director Libby Siebens 509.682.6436
Marketing and Graphic Design Specialist Nick Winters 509.682.6473
Events Coordinator Rhia Foster 509.682.6780
Writer/Editor Theresa Taylor 509.682.6422
Interim Executive Director, WVC Foundation Darrell Dickeson 509.682.6415
Coordinator, WVC Foundation Tammie Parkinson 509.682.6410
Omak Foundation Jennifer Short 509.422.7835
Human Resources    
Executive Director, Human Resources Reagan Bellamy 509.682.6445
Institutional Effectiveness    
Executive Director,
Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
Ty Jones 509.682.6435
Vice President, Instruction Dr. Carli Schiffner 509.682.6605

Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Basic Skills

Dean, Libraries & Learning Technologies Andrew Tudor 509.682.6715
Dean, Allied Health Jenny Capelo 509.682.6662
Dean, Workforce Education &
Continuing Education
Dr. Joey Walter   509.682.6614
Director, Workforce Education Pathways
& Tech Prep
Riva Morgan 509.682.6847
Director, Transitional Studies Aaron Parrott 509.682.6790
Coordinator, Distance Learning Jeannie Tucker 509.682.6718
Faculty See Faculty Contacts  
Student Services    
Vice President, Student Services Dr. Chio Flores 509.682.6805
Associate Dean, Student Services
& Director, Financial Aid
Kevin Berg 509.682.6810

Director, Athletics Greg Franz  509.682.6771
Director, Educational and Career Planning Randy Mitchell 509.682.6858
Director, Student Programs Laura Singletary 509.682.6865
Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Erin Tofte-Nordvik 509.682.6868
Director, College Assistance Migrant Program  Yuritzi Lozano 509.682.6975
Director, TRiO Student Support Services Pamela Alvarado 509.682.6980
Registrar Kyla O'Connor 509.682.6835
Coordinator, International Students Miko Stephens 509.682.6864
Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator, Running Start Holly Bringman 509.682.6848
Coordinator, Student Access Carla Boyd 509.682.6854
Coordinator, Outreach and Recruitment Josh Brack 509.682.6837
Coordinator, Housing Ashley Olson 509.682.6706


1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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