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Accounting Courses

ACCT 102                                    5 credits
Practical Accounting I

This course covers a sole proprietorship service business. Topics include assets, liabilities, owner's equity, revenue, expenses, worksheets, financial statements, adjusting entries, closing entries, cash funds, and payroll.

ACCT 103                                    5 credits
Practical Accounting II

This course covers a sole proprietorship merchandising business. Topics include notes payable and receivable, work sheets, financial statements, adjusting and reversing entries, special journals, inventory valuation, and depreciation. Prerequisite: ACCT 102.

ACCT 105                                    3 credits
Payroll and Tax Accounting

Covers payroll and selected business tax procedures. Designed for the ATS accounting degree major as well as for those in the community who want to upgrade their knowledge of payroll and business tax accounting. Prerequisite: ACCT 102 or equivalent.

ACCT 165                                    5 credits
Computerized Accounting

A comprehensive study of computerized accounting systems in both service and merchandising environments. Realistic business simulations are analyzed by using a variety of companies and projects. Commercial Windows accounting software demonstrates the use of fully integrated accounting systems. Students will set up a computerized system for manual conversion. Prerequisites: BCT 105, ACCT 102 or instructor's signature. May be repeated with different software.

ACCT& 201                                5 credits
Principles of Accounting I

Covers current generally accepted accounting principles, theories and procedures used in financial accounting and reporting. Key topics covered include an introduction to preparing and using financial statements, corporate annual reports, the accounting cycle for service and merchandising businesses, cash, financial assets, inventory, plant and equipment, and other long-term assets. Prerequisite: sophomore standing recommended.

ACCT& 202                                5 credits
Principles of Accounting II

Second in the series on accounting theory. Continuation of current generally accepted accounting principles, theories and procedures used in financial accounting and reporting with emphasis on corporate accounting and reporting. Includes current and long-term liabilities, time value of money, stockholders' equity, cash flow statements, financial statement analysis and international accounting. Prerequisites: ACCT& 201 or instructor's signature.

ACCT& 203                                5 credits
Principles of Accounting III

Covers topics and concepts related to internal decision-making for business, to help managers use accounting information to make decisions and achieve control. Topics include an introduction to management theory and concepts, cost terminology, costing techniques, cost behavior, cost-volume-profit considerations, segment analysis, budget analysis, pricing, incremental analysis, and capital budgeting. Prerequisite: ACCT& 202 or instructor's signature.

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