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High School Programs

WVC offers several program options for high school students. For more detailed information about each program, simply click on the program title links.



Running Start


Running Start is an educational partnership between WVC and the high schools. Running Start was created by the Washington state Legislature to expand educational options for high school students. It allows juniors and seniors in high school to take college level courses without paying for tuition.


Please visit the Running Start page for more information about the program.  You can download the admissions form for Running Start here.


NOTE:WVC recommends that those students entering the Running Start program use the application form (above) designed for this program.The Online Application process does not have a way to designate you as a Running Start student and applying online could cause a delay in processing your application.



College in the High School


High school juniors and seniors (those with 11 or more high school credits earned) with a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher are eligible to participate in the WVC College in the High School program (CHS). Qualified faculty members at local high schools teach CHS classes (the availability of classes varies by location). Community members may also be able to enroll in CHS classes. To be eligible and enrolled in the College in the High School (CHS) program, you must follow all regular WVC policies and regulations regarding student performance, behavior and course prerequisites. Students who complete CHS classes earn WVC college credit and those courses also count toward the student’s high school diploma. If you are a high school student, ask your school counselor or faculty about these courses.



Tech Prep


High schools within the Wenatchee Valley College district have articulated course competencies and determined that certain high school classes meet the requirements of comparable college courses. This means that students could receive both high school credit and transferable Wenatchee Valley College credit at the same time for certain courses. If you are a high school student, ask your school counselor or faculty about these courses.


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