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Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Systems Overview
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  Sustainable and Organic
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Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Systems

Program Guide - Agriculture Technology Pathway

If a student wishes to transfer into a baccalaureate agriculture program, work closely with an agriculture adviser to plan electives and general education courses.

Required Courses: Associate of Technical Science

Offered at the Wenatchee campus

Tech Prep and Introductory Course Requirements  Credits
AGRI 105 
  WELD 128 
Agriculture Mechanics or  
  Basic Welding
AGRI 161 Intro. Plant Science 2
AGRI 162
  AGRI 130
Intro. Soils or
  Agriculture Technology
Core Courses to be chosen from:  
Agriculture (AGRI), Automotive Technology (AUTO),       
Electricity (ELEC), Electronics (ELTRO), Environmental
Systems & Refrigeration Technology (ESRT), Industrial
Technology (INDT), Welding (WELD)
Elective Courses  
Approved 200-level electives 35
Courses chosen based on student's emphasis or pathway:   
Approved 200-level courses in pathway 5
ENGL 100* Writing in the Workplace or higher 5
MATH 100T* Technical Math or higher 5
READ 100* Technical Reading 5
BCT 105 Computer Applications 5
BIOL& 100 Survey of Biology 5
BUS& 101 Intro. to Business 5
CMST& 220 Public Speaking 5
AGRI 116, 117, 118: Ag. Lab 3
  Total Credits for Degree   96


*Placement score required.

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