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Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Systems Overview
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  General Agriculture
  Hispanic Orchard
  Employee Education
  Program (HOEEP)

  Horticulture and Tree
  Fruit Production ATS
  (Non-Transfer) Degree

  Horticulture and Tree
  Fruit Production AAS-T
  (Transfer) Degree
  Sustainable and Organic
  Agriculture ATS  
  (Non-Transfer) Degree
  Sustainable and Organic
  Agriculture AAS-T
  (Transfer) Degree
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Sustainable and Organic Agriculture

Required Courses: Associate of Technical Science non-transfer degree

Students seeking a transfer degree in sustainable and organic agriculture should visit the sustainable and organic transfer program guide.

Introductory Courses Credits
AGRI 101
  AGRI 108 
Intro. to Agriculture or 
  Intro. Horticulture 
AGRI 161 Intro. Plant Science  2
AGRI 162 Intro. Soils 3
Core Courses  
AGRI 254 Integrated Pest Management  5
AGRI 261 Plant Science 5
AGRI 263 Soils 5
Emphasis Courses  
AGRI 268 Organic Ag. Production 5
AGRI 269 Organic Plant Nutrition 5
AGRI 255 Field Based Integrated Pest Management    5
AGRI 289 Sustainable Ag. and Food 5
AGRI 116, 117, 118: Ag. Lab 3
Approved electives (may include Cooperative
Work Experience credits)
GER Courses  
OCED 102* Writing in the Workplace /
  Technical English
MATH 100T*  Technical Math or higher 5
BUS& 101 Intro. to Business 5
BIOL& 100 Survey of Biology 5
BCT 105 Computer Applications 5
CMST& 220 Public Speaking 5
  Total Credits for Degree    96

*Placement score required.

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