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Graphic Design Courses

ART 130     5 credits
Graphic Design Technology I

An introductory, comprehensive step-by-step instruction and explanation of the “how” and “why” behind the industry standard software skills of Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Students will be introduced to each feature as they work through information, including projects, reviews and step-by-step tutorials.

ART 131     5 credits
Graphic Design Technology II

Study of industry-standard software and how to integrate these programs into seamless communication, while producing work that conforms to design principles and client expectations. Students learn essential graphic-design terminology and continue developing their knowledge and skills through advanced, hands-on projects implementing vector illustrations, page layouts, image manipulation and typography. Prerequisite: ART 130 required or instructor's signature.

ART 134     5 credits
Introduction to Graphic Design

Introductory studio inquiry into graphic communication, including concepts and practical applications of traditional and contemporary visual art. Covers symbols, typography, information design, visual concepts and three-dimensional graphic design. Lectures, readings, demonstrations, slide presentations and group exercises are applied to visual problem solving, using digital hardware and software tools. Prerequisite: ART 130 (may be taken concurrently) or instructor's signature.

ART 135     5 credits
Graphic Design I

Covers foundations of two-dimensional visual graphic design, using basic computer skills, techniques and technology. Classic design elements of balance, harmony, variety and other design principles are explored and employed toward projects covering line and shape, type combinations, typography as design elements, color composition, drawing, photo, and collage. Prerequisites: ART 130, ART 131 (may be taken concurrently) or instructor's signature.

ART 137     5 credits

Focuses on using typography as the primary visual in design exploration, with text introduced as a design element. Includes font classification, composition and production techniques. Projects cover typographic history, effective use of type and letterforms, and working knowledge of effective typographic methodology to creatively solve communications problems. Prerequisites: ART 135 (may be taken concurrently) or instructor’s signature.

ART 138     5 credits
Digital Photography

An introduction to fundamentals of digital photography. Topics include learning to use and understand digital cameras, shooting techniques, lenses, correct exposure, lighting, composition, creative image enhancement and manipulation. Includes instruction on skills useful for graphic design. Prerequisites: ART 130 recommended.

ART 139     5 credits
Publication Design & Layout

This foundation class for graphic designers identifies issues specific to publications and ways in which design principles and techniques are applied to solve them. Topics include effectively organizing content, using type and color, understanding the development of functional and visually engaging compositions, understanding visual and informational hierarchy, and typography. Prerequisites: ART 135 or instructor's signature.

ART 233   5 credits
Packaging Design

Packaging design combines marketing and graphics with an emphasis on three-dimensional design. Packages are analyzed and positioned from a marketing point of view. Brand marks, visual graphics and color schemes are developed for individual products and more sophisticated related product lines. Typical assignments include food, fragrance and mass-market packaging designs. Prerequisites: ART 135 or instructor's signature.

ART 234     5 credits
Graphic Design II

Graphic Design II is a studio course covering the process and purpose of graphic design. Projects include developing Graphic Design solutions for logos, branding, book jackets, packaging, posters, and advertising. Components of the design process including typography, layout, two-dimensional design principles, the job search, and student portfolios will be covered. Prerequisite: ART 136 or instructor's permission.

ART 235     5 credits
Web Graphic Design

Introduction to Web Site Graphic Design stressing fundamental principles and their application to the Web. Good web design is not about mastering the technical details of software. The starting point of any great website is understanding color, type, layout—the building blocks of great design—essential to developing professional web design skills. Prerequisite: ART 234 or instructor's permission.

ART 236     5 credits
Graphic Design - Branding

Capstone class investigates each phase of the branding process through comprehensive coverage of key brand applications in graphic design and advertising. Students gain insight into the art of designing individual brand applications—brand identity, promotional design, identification graphics, web sites, and advertising. Develops strategies for generating ideas and creating brands. Prerequisite: ART 235 or instructor's permission.


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