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Graphic Design

Graphic Design Degree Program

The WVC Graphic Design program prepares students for professional practice in the extended field of graphic design and visual communications. The program builds a first-year foundation of aesthetic and technical skills covering the principles of design, creative problem solving, design history, photography and typography. The second year allows students to progress into advanced study of graphic and Web design practices encompassing portfolio building that enable them to put theory to practice. Learn to effectively communicate ideas and information in a variety of traditional, digital, print, packaging, Web and other media formats. Develop essential skills through practical hands-on experience, real client project work, a focus on professional skills and building a portfolio of work. The program prepares graduates for employment in various design-related industries and fields, including graphic design firms, publishing, advertising, media/printing/editing, animation, or Web design/development, and in careers such as freelance designers, production designers or coordinators, content managers or publishers, marketing communications specialists, or entry-level Web or graphic designers.

Learn to inform, motivate, engage, and entertain an audience through visual communication. Train for careers in marketing, communication, advertising and related design fields.


Scott Bailey
Art faculty
     Arius Elvikis
Digital Design faculty
     David Hampton
Graphic Design adjunct instructor


Student Testimonials

Marissa Collins"I don't consider myself an artist," said Marissa Collins, a former WVC Graphic Design student, "but I am visually creative. This class not only opened my mind to different ways of implementing that creativity, but it also taught me how to do so for a real client. I recently presented a set of logo designs to CEOs of a new health-care clinic, and I was confident because the graphic design series prepared me for every step in the process."

Instructor David Hampton continues to be Collins' teacher and mentor after graduation. "What he teaches cannot be learned in a textbook," she said. "He pushes you to think for yourself, express your individual creativity, and confidently explain your way of thinking."

Collins completed a degree in business from WSU and now works at Numerica Performing Arts Center.

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