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Graphic Design Series

Graphic design student





WVC Graphic Design student Jodi Holmes presents her design proposal to a community client.

This two-year sequence of courses is designed to provide students with entry-level skills in the field of graphic design. The development of design skills and creation of a portfolio will also help prepare students to continue their studies in graphic design at a four-year school. The series is structured to provide a practical, hands-on experience in graphic fundamentals.

Using the most current information, technology and equipment possible, the graphic design sequence addresses basic design principles, layout techniques, professional typographic treatments, computer applications, digital illustrations, computer production techniques, offset printing requirements and business practices.

Our excellent instructors, who are practicing professionals in the field of creative design, assist students in the creation of practical design pieces that ultimately become an integral part of professional student portfolios.

Though the content of the courses are designed for maximum graphic design skills and experience, this sequence does not conclude in an official degree or certificate in graphic design. Furthermore, if transferring to a four-year institution, students should verify the transferability of the WVC Graphic Design courses at their desired institutions.

Student Testimonials

Marissa CollinsMarissa Collins received a certificate of completion in the graphic design sequence in June of 2010. "I don't consider myself an artist," she said, "but I am visually creative. This class not only opened my mind to different ways of implementing that creativity, but it also taught me how to do so for a real client. I recently presented a set of logo designs to CEOs of a new health-care clinic, and I was confident because the graphic design series prepared me for every step in the process."

Instructor David Hampton continues to be Collins' teacher and mentor after graduation. "What he teaches cannot be learned in a textbook," she said. "He pushes you to think for yourself, express your individual creativity, and confidently explain your way of thinking."

Collins currently works at JB Marketing Group as a marketing executive and is finishing her B.A. in social science at WSU Online.

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