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Winter Quarter 2017 Book Lists

*Book lists are published 30 days prior to the start of the quarter.

Students need to be aware that the book list can change as classes are added or canceled, or if instructors are changed. This is a major reason the books don’t go on sale in the bookstore until just before the start of the quarter. If students purchase their books online rather than through the WVC bookstore and the list changes, the students will be responsible for any costs associated with returning the books to the online vendor and any costs in acquiring the correct books . If the books are purchased through the bookstore and the list changes, the bookstore will refund the cost of the books with no return shipping charges to the student.

If you use the online list for information to purchase your books, please be advised:

  • Some books may have multiple ISBNs.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Used books are subject to availability (first come/first served)
  • Teachers are responsible for selections of all textbook titles and editions.
  • If a class is not listed, it may be because (1) a teacher has not been assigned to the class yet, or 2) the teacher has not turned in a book order to the bookstore.
  • Please do not  buy any book until you are sure you need it.
  • The Wenatchee Valley College Bookstore and Wenatchee Valley College are not responsible for changes beyond their control. If you purchase a book online, the bookstore and college are not responsible for returns if changes are made to the book requirements.

Clicking the ACCEPT button takes you to the book list and means you have read and understand the above information.

If you are taking an online class, please see the Wenatchee and Online Book List.

ACCEPT (Wenatchee and Online Book List) 

ACCEPT (Omak Book List)

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