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Building Technology

BTEC 091    0.5 credits
Flagging for Traffic Control Applications
Provides skills and knowledge of procedures for traffic control/flagging in construction, utility, and emergency response work place environments. Topics covered include: positioning and motorist safety, signals, control zones, markers and special lighting. Students who successfully pass the course evaluation will be Washington State Department of Labor and Industries certified.

BTEC 130    5 credits
Construction Core
Introduction to facilities. Student evaluation criteria and grading policies. Orientation to the trade. Work ethic and job conduct. General construction safety and fall restraint. Personal safety awareness development. Fundamentals and applications of construction math. Identification of hand and power tools. General and specific tool safety. Building materials identification. Skill development.

BTEC 131    5 credits
Concrete Construction
Properties of concrete. Concrete mixtures and additives. Calculating required concrete quantities. Constructing forms for cast-in-place concrete footings, foundation walls, piers, columns, slabs and stairs. Monolithic form construction. Form alignment and bracing. Establishing concrete elevations. Sizing and placement of reinforcing steel. Handling and placing concrete. Rough concrete finishing. Form removal. Cleanup.

BTEC 132    5 credits
Framing Systems
Floor framing terminology, components, layout and assembly. Rough openings for floor penetrations. Sub floor installation. Wall and ceiling framing terminology, components, layout and assembly. Rough openings for doors and windows. Wall sheathing installation. Roof framing terminology, components, layout and assembly. Rough openings for roof penetrations. Roof sheathing installation. Truss roof construction.

BTEC 133    5 credits
Exterior Finish/Trim
Identification and installation of windows and exterior doors and hardware. Cornice construction techniques. Identification and installation techniques for common exterior siding and roofing materials. Exterior standing and running trim members. Installation of roofing underlayment, flashings and ice-guards. Identification and installation techniques for common roofing materials. Ridge, hip and valley treatments.

BTEC 134    5 credits
Interior Finish/Trim
Interior wall and ceiling finish applications including drywall and paneling. Identification and installation of interior doors. Installation of standard interior standing and running trim. Installation techniques for wood finish flooring products. Basic design and construction concepts for kitchen and bath cabinetry. Installation of pre-built vanities, base and wall cabinets.

BTEC 135    5 credits
Construction Specialties
Introduction to stair design. Calculating riser-tread relationships. Cutting, fitting and assembling of staircase components. Balustrade construction. Introduction to residential blueprint interpretation techniques. Recognition of standard line, symbol and abbreviation conventions. Drawing styles and contents of a set of plans. Introduction to thermal and moisture protection methods. Cabinet installation.



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