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Business Computer Technology Programs Overview 
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Business Computer Technology

Associate in Applied Science - Transfer Degree (AAS-T)**

Required Courses: Associate in Applied Science - Transfer Degree
Offered at Wenatchee campus

Prerequisites: MATH 097 or MATH 099 Intermediate Algebra or placement score equivalent; ENGL 097: Composition Paragraph or placement score equivalent; BCT 100 or 102 or keyboarding skills.

The WVC Business Computer Technology program is undergoing revision. For more information or to plan your classes, please contact a business computer technology faculty member.

Year 1 Fall Quarter Credits
BCT 105 Computer Applications 5
MATH& 146*  Introduction to Statistics or other college-level math 5
BCT 120 Word Processing 1 5
Year 1 Winter Quarter
BCT 125 Internet Use 2
BCT 210 Word Processing 2 5
BCT 130 Spreadsheets 1 5
Year 1 Spring Quarter
BCT 150 Database 1 5
ENGL& 101* Composition: General 5
BCT 160 Presentation Graphics 3
BCT 200 Operating Systems 5
Year 2 Fall Quarter
ACCT 102 Practical Accounting 1 5
BCT 170 Microsoft Outlook 2
Elective Social Science 5
Elective Natural Science or Humanities 5
Year 2 Winter Quarter
BCT 220 Spreadsheets 2 5
BCT 230 Database 2 or BCT 200-level approved elective 5
BCT 251 Web Publishing 3
ACCT 165 Computerized Accounting 5
Year 2 Spring Quarter
BCT 250 Desktop Publishing 3
BCT 240 Microsoft Publisher 2
ACCT 105 Payroll & Tax Accounting 3
  BCT 200-level electives:
BCT 255, 260, 270, 275 or BUS course
Total Credits for Degree 93

* Placement score required

**Associate in Applied Science-Transfer Degree: the AAS-T is built upon the technical courses required for job preparation but also includes a college-level general education component, common in structure for all such degrees. The distinguishing characteristic of the AAS-T is a minimum of 20 credits of general education courses drawn from the same list as those taken by students completing the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree or the Associate in Science-Transfer (AS-T) degree (that is, the courses generally accepted in transfer). AAS-T courses are designed for the dual purpose of immediate employment and as preparation for the junior year in a bachelor's degree commonly described as the bachelor of applied science (BAS). The AAS-T degree generally will not be accepted in transfer in preparation for bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degrees, although the general education component of the degree will be accepted in transfer. (State Board for Community and Technical Colleges).

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