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Business Computer Technology Programs Overview 
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Business Computer Technology

Course Descriptions

BCT 100     2 credits
Basic Computer Keyboarding

An introductory course to develop basic keyboarding techniques with an emphasis on improving speed and accuracy. Course topics include alphabet, numeric and symbol keys.

BCT 103     1 credit
Computer Hardware Overview

Introductory exploration of computer hardware - what is in the box? Includes discussion of relationships between processor speed, memory and hard drive space as well as current storage options. This course provides the basic information to make a computer purchase decision. Part 1 of BCT 105 equivalency. Prerequisites: keyboarding skills, BCT 100, 101, 102 or instructor's signature.

BCT 104     1 credit
Operating Systems Overview

Use the basic functions in Windows to display files and computer status information, organize drives, files or folders efficiently, use the help function and locate information. Discussions will include variations found on Mac and Linux systems as well as expectations for new systems. Part 2 of BCT 105 equivalency. Prerequisites: BCT 101 and 103 or instructor's signature.

BCT 105     5 credits
Computer Applications

This course is an introductory level basic computer applications course and is designed for students with little or no computer experience. Students will learn how to use MS Office software. Students will also learn about file management, word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentation software. The fundamentals of email are also covered. Prerequisites: BCT 100 Basic Keyboarding or instructor signature.

BCT 106     1 credit
Getting Started with Word Processing

Use basic Word functions to enter, edit, cut, copy, paste and reorganize text. Documents will be enhanced with graphics and tables. Use Word tools including spell checker, grammar checker, page layout, and references. Flyers, letters, template resumes and research papers will be produced. Part 3 of BCT 105 equivalency. Prerequisites: BCT 101 and 104 or instructor's signature.

BCT 107     1 credit
Getting Started with Spreadsheets

Use basic Excel functions to enter, edit, cut, copy, paste and reorganize text and data and create simple formula. Spreadsheets will be enhanced with formatting and charts. Part 4 of BCT 105 equivalency. Prerequisites: BCT 101 and 106 or instructor's signature.

BCT 108     1 credit
Getting Started with Database

Use Microsoft Access to create a database and add basic elements such as tables, queries, forms and reports. Examine the features of built-in wizards. Either this course or BCT 109 is Part 5 of BCT 105 equivalency. Prerequisites: BCT 101 and 107 or instructor's signature.

BCT 109     1 credit
Getting Started with Presentation Graphics

Use presentation graphics software to create and view presentations. Enhance the presentation with pictures, shapes, SmartArt, tables and charts. Apply transitions. Either this course or BCT 108 is Part 5 of BCT 105 equivalency. Prerequisites: BCT 101 and 106 or instructor's signature.

BCT 112     2 credits
Records Management

Records management emphasizes principles and practices of effective management for both manual indexing and automated records systems. The manual indexing systems concept covers all standard indexing rules published by the Association of Records Managers and Administrators. Automated records systems provide the opportunity to work with computer databases encountered in business. Formerly BIT 171/CEC 106. Prerequisites: basic keyboarding skills.

BCT 116     3 credits
Professional Work Relations

This course focuses on interpersonal skills in the work place. Topics include: leadership, teamwork, employers' expectations and real world tools for resolving conflict in a simulated workplace.

BCT 118     5 credits
Customer Relations Management

This course prepares students to apply positive customer relations management skills including a 75 hour practicum. Topics include verbal and nonverbal communication skills, positive attitudes, listening, professional inquiry and conflict management. Students learn and adopt standard office procedures.

BCT 120     5 credits
Word Processing I

Uses a full-featured Windows word processing program to create personal and professional documents. Editing concepts and formatting techniques are used to create memos, letters, reports, flyers and newsletters. Prerequisites: BCT 100 Keyboarding and BCT 105 Computer Applications.

BCT 125     2 credits
Internet Use

Introduction to Internet basics, Web vocabulary, use of major search engines, evaluating websites and developing research skills. Designed to prepare students to research e-topics and conduct business activities. Discover how to search for specialized databases, resources and libraries. Look at current trends. Prerequisites: BCT 105 or instructor's signature.

BCT 128     5 credits
Business Math

Topics: Financial calculations, buying and selling goods, inventory systems, retail markup and discounts, simple and compound interest, taxes, lending and problem solving strategies. Includes a review of basic fundamentals. Prerequisites: MATH 093.

BCT 130     5 credits

A Windows spreadsheet program is used to organize and analyze data. Topics include: cell formatting, formulas, functions, graphics, charts, auditing tools, consolidating and linking workbooks, what-if analysis and macros. Prerequisites: MATH 093, BCT 105.

BCT 150     5 credits
Database 1

Basic concepts and terminology of relational database management. Topics: plan, design and build databases and create tables, forms, reports and queries. Prerequisites: BCT 105.

BCT 160     3 credits
Presentation Graphics

Use Windows presentation graphics software to create, present and collaborate on presentations; use enhanced multimedia capabilities to deliver presentations with more impact; search reference materials, Internet services and other sources while working in presentation graphics software. May be repeated with different software. Prerequisites: BCT 105 or instructor's signature.

BCT 170     2 credits
Microsoft Outlook

Use Microsoft Outlook to store, track, and organize business and personal information. Topics include managing e-mail, calendar, tasks, notes, address book, message templates, mail merge, help, customizing Outlook and Web/Outlook integration. Prerequisites: BCT 105 or instructor's signature.

BCT 200     5 credits
Operating Systems

This course focuses on the fundamentals of operating systems, computer hardware and software concepts. Topics include: functions and features of operating system tools, systems and applications programs, file management, system customization, security, and maintenance.

BCT 205     5 credits
Business Communication

Provides learning and reinforcement in the art of communicating effectively in the business world. This is accomplished through planning, composing and evaluating written and/or oral communication and report writing. Current theories of communication, perception and cultural contexts will be used. Prerequisites: BCT 120 and ENGL 097 or placement score equivalent.

BCT 210     5 credits
Word Processing II

This course is designed for experienced Word users. It provides instruction in advanced word processing. Integrative learning is emphasized. Topics include advanced features of formatting and organizing content, collaborating on documents and customizing word processing software. May be repeated with different software. Prerequisites: keyboarding, BCT 120 or instructor's signature.

BCT 220     5 credits
Spreadsheets II

Create, format and audit workbooks at an advanced level using database functions, macros, templates, web tools, multiple workbooks, imported/exported data, data tables, scenario management, Solver, and VBA. Prerequisites: BCT 130, MATH 093.

BCT 230     5 credits
Database II

Advanced instruction in the theories and technical skills of database management systems; integrative learning is emphasized. Students will build relational databases and use advanced features and commands including VBA. Prerequisites: BCT 150.

BCT 240     2 credits
Microsoft Publisher

Basic publishing skills for creating newsletters, brochures, business cards, postcards, flyers for print, e-mail and the Web. Create a publication from scratch or use available business or personal designs software. Create, manage, revise, and distribute publications and use digital technology to enhance their work. Formerly CEC 135. Prerequisites: BCT 105, BCT 120.

BCT 250     5 credits
Desktop Publishing

Principles of design applicable to publications created using desktop publishing software and computer technology. Special attention is given to design principles, typography, and layout and production techniques.

BCT 251     3 credits
Web Publishing

Provides an introduction to Web-editing software Logic and layout for beginning Web page designers. Provides all the information necessary to plan effective and attractive Web pages. Included are helpful tips on how to make professional-looking Web pages. May be repeated with different software. Formerly BIT 225/CEC 140. Prerequisites: BCT 105 and BCT 125 or instructor's signature.

BCT 275     3 credits
Software Integrations

This project-oriented course will prepare students to utilize spreadsheet, database, presentation, publishing and word processing software to perform integrated tasks and functions. Students will complete projects and simulations that require them to integrate shared data and information between those programs. Prerequisites: BCT 105, BCT 120, and BCT 130.

BCT 283     5 credits
Administrative Management

Administrative management practices and principles, including the organizing process, office layout, office environment, office equipment and furniture, selecting office employees, training office employees, and budgetary and cost control.

BCT 284     5 credits
Project Management

Development of project management skills and their application in the business world. Includes development of skills in the core project management areas: scope management, time management, cost management and quality management.

BCT 196/296     1-5 credits
Cooperative Work Experience

Designed to continue providing on-the-job practical field experience related to business computer technology. One credit is earned for each five hours of work experience per week. Variable credit class. Prerequisite: instructor's permission.

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