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Business Courses 

BUS& 101                       5 credits
Introduction to Business

Introduction to the basic principles of business. Surveys the stock market, economics, principles of capitalism, global business, ethics, social responsibility, small business, management, organization theory, labor relations, marketing, and finance. Emphasis placed on current events, using Web resources, and activities related to business and economics. Prerequisites: none, but ENGL& 101 (or current enrollment) preferred.

BUS 146                          5 credits
Business Ethics

An in-depth view of the many ethical dilemmas encountered in today's organizational environment. A case-study approach is used to gain an understanding of the complex forces that shape the morals and values which are used in ethical decision-making.

BUS 177                          5 credits
Business Leadership Development

Leadership development and training emphasizing leadership theory, team building, and practical application through simulations. Additionally, students will understand their individual leadership style strengths and weaknesses.

BUS& 201                       5 credits
Business Law

Introduction to legal institutions, processes, and legal reasoning. Topics include the law of contracts, torts, agency, sales, negotiable instruments, real property, personal property, business organizations, employment, government regulation, and ethics. Emphasis on legal reasoning, legal theory, and practical applications of legal issues as they relate to business. (Students may not get credit for both BUS 204 and BUS& 201).

BUS 230                          5 credits
Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduction to the elements of successful entrepreneurship, business opportunity identification and assessment, economic development strategies, and development of an effective business plan.

BUS 240                          5 credits
Principles of Management

Study of management theory and concepts to provide students with practical tools for planning, leading, organizing, staffing and controlling within a dynamic organizational environment. Decision-making techniques for developing competitive advantages based on cost, quality, innovation and speed are emphasized. Students will develop a comprehensive, industry-specific management project.

BUS 241                          5 credits
Principles of Marketing

Problems and practices relating to the marketing exchange process. Emphasis on planning marketing strategies for product, price, promotion and distribution issues. Gain understanding of Integrated Marketing Communications systems approach, how to apply IMC concepts to both profit and nonprofit organizations. Develop a comprehensive, industry-specific marketing plan.

BUS 242                          5 credits
Retail Management

A study of the highly competitive, rapidly changing retail business environment. Topics include product and services retailing, store management, e-tailing, consumer decision-making, growth, planning the strategic profit model and globalization issues. Retail management concepts are taught within a conceptual, theoretical, practical and strategic framework.

BUS 243                          5 credits
Human Resources Management

Human resource management is concerned with managing people effectively in the workplace. Using theoretical and practical approaches, it examines the human resource manager's role and the role of all managers. Topics include philosophy, policies, organization, job design, employee selection, compensation/benefits, development, appraisal, promotion, discipline, termination and federal statutes.

BUS 245                          5 credits
Small Business Management

Major focus is developing a business plan for a new or existing business, including market analyses and financial forecasts. Additional topics are human resource management, forms of ownership, operational planning, and establishing and maintaining competitive advantages. Formerly BUSA 245.

BUS 196/296               1-5 credits
Cooperative Work Experience

Designed to provide on-the-job practical field experience. One credit for each five hours of work experience per week. Variable credit class. Prerequisites: instructor's permission.

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