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General Business Program Guide

Business is the driving force behind economic growth and decision-making across the globe. To succeed in the competitive world of today and tomorrow, people in all fields of endeavor can benefit from an understanding of the principles and practices that govern free enterprise. Whether you are interested in a business career targeted toward employment within the fields of communications, finance, marketing, management or accounting; intend to pursue further education in the field of business; or are seeking the knowledge and skills necessary to advance along a different career path, the business programs at WVC have been designed to inform, instruct and inspire you to attain your goals.

This two-year, associate of technical sciences (ATS) degree program provides students with a foundation in the business concepts of marketing, management, accounting/finance and communications/human relations, plus basic competency in computer applications. Many of the courses in this degree transfer to baccalaureate institutions. Students must work closely with their advisers to ensure proper course sequencing and choice.

WVC also offers a business program leading to an associate of arts and sciences (transfer) degree which is designed for transfer toward a bachelor's degree in business at a four-year college or university.

To be eligible for the associate degree or certificate, students must earn at least a "C" (2.0) grade in all core program courses and a cumulative 2.0 grade point average. Core program courses may have prerequisite requirements. English and mathematics courses require qualifying assessment scores or acceptable preparatory coursework in those subjects. See the course descriptions for details.

Business, General: Associate of Technical Science degree

Prerequisites for the ATS degree option are ENGL 097 and MATH 099 or qualifying placement scores.

Core Requirements

BCT 105 Computer Applications 5
BCT 130 Spreadsheets 1 5
BUS 240 Principles of Management 5
BUS 241 Principles of Marketing 5
BUS 245 Small Business Management 5
BUS 146 Business Ethics 5
ACCT& 201  Principles of Accounting I 5
CMST& 210 or
    CMST& 220
Interpersonal Communication or
    Public Speaking
ECON& 201 or
    ECON& 202
Micro Economics or
Macro Economics
Total 45

General Requirements

ENGL& 101* Composition: General 5
MATH& 146*** Introduction to Statistics or
other college-level math
Humanities (choose one) 5
Natural Science (choose one) 5
Social Science (choose one) 5
Business Electives** 20
Total 45
Total Credits for Degree 90


*Placement score required.

**See business adviser for approved electives. Electives in accounting, business or business computer technology are recommended.

***Students who enrolled at WVC prior to summer 2014 may continue to use MATH 105 or 108 to satisfy the ATS math requirement. The deadline for graduating under this exception is fall 2015.

Business, General Certificate of Completion

Required Courses: Certificate of Completion

Offered at Wenatchee and Omak Campuses

Prerequisites for the certificate option are ENGL 097 and MATH 096 or MATH 098 or qualifying placement scores.

Certificate Requirements

BCT 105 Computer Applications 5
BCT 130 Spreadsheets I 5
BUS 146 Business Ethics            5
BUS 240 or
    BUS 245
Principles of Management or
    Small Business Management                  
BUS 241 Principles of Marketing 5
ACCT& 201 Principles of Accounting 1 5
ECON& 201 or
    ECON& 202
Micro Economics or
    Macro Economics
ENGL& 101*
  or BCT 205*
English Composition 1
  or Business Communication
MATH 099* Intermediate Algebra or higher 5
Total 45
Total Credits for Certificate of Completion 45

*Placement score required.

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