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A student is considered "migrant" if the parent or guardian is a migratory worker in the agricultural, dairy, lumber or fishing industries, and/or if the family has moved during the past three years.
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CAMP Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many students are accepted into CAMP?

A: CAMP at WVC is federally funded to provide services for 60 students per academic school year (fall-spring quarters). Each year, these students form a new cohort.

Q: When will I know if I'm admitted to the CAMP program?

A: CAMP staff will be reviewing complete applications and conducting individual interviews until the preliminary deadline May 15. Students will be notified of acceptance or wait list by way of a letter mailed home.

Q: Can I still apply to the program after the preliminary May 15 deadline?

A: Yes! Applications will be considered after the deadline although space availability is not guaranteed. If CAMP has not yet reached capacity, we will continue to accept students until CAMP reaches the 60 student limit.

Q: How should I prepare for the individual interview?

A: The purpose of the interview is for the CAMP staff to learn about the student to better guide him/her and for the student to ask questions. Interviews take approximately 30 minutes and should be scheduled as soon after applicants submit a complete application.


Q: Do I have to apply for FAFSA?

A: CAMP applicants are required to apply in order to obtain an Expected Family Contribution number (EFC). Visit the WVC Financial Aid webpage to learn more about important deadlines, the FAFSA application process, helpful tips for successful filing and more.

Q: How will I get my financial award letter?

A: After WVC processes your FAFSA results, you will receive a letter in the mail with instructions on how to set up your WVC student e-mail. After that, all communication between students and the WVC Financial Aid Office will be via WVC e-mail. If you are concerned about the status of your financial award letter, please call the Financial Aid Office at 509.682.6810.

Q: Can I apply for CAMP with my Deferred Action Childhood Arrival (DACA) work permit?

A: No. The DACA work permit is not proof of citizenship or residency. Because CAMP is a federally-funded program, students must be able to provide proof of citizenship or legal residency to be admitted to the program.


Q: What are housing options at WVC?

A: Students can opt to live in dorms or commute to school from home. If you wish to live in a dorm, apply for housing soon since availability is limited. Learn more about our Wenatchee Campus Residence Hall.


Q: Why are there two orientations? Do I have to attend both?

A: Yes. The "O @WVC" on September 16 is recommended for all incoming WVC students. There, students can obtain their student ID card, locate their classrooms and more. CAMP students must also attend an additional orientation on September 19. This year, we are excited to have CoolSpeak join us for a portion of it.

Q: When and where should I buy my textbooks?

A: The WVC Bookstore has the books you will need for class and you can also browse Amazon for deals. CAMP students can save on textbook costs by checking out books from our Lending Library. Contact Maria, CAMP Program Assistant, for details at 509.682.6973.

Q: Does CAMP have work study opportunities?

A: Students who qualify for work-study positions should look for postings in the Career Center beginning August 1 or check back to our website for specific CAMP student jobs.

Q: Do I have to transfer to be in CAMP?

A: We definitely encourage CAMP applicants to start thinking about where they're going after getting their associate's degree at WVC (typically two years). By learning to utilize CAMP and WVC resources, students will be able to overcome obstacles and plan a successful transition to a four-year institution where they can work toward their bachelor of arts degree. We can help you start strong.

Q: What if I am undecided about my academic course of study?

A: Don't panic! It might be helpful to know that students often change their area of focus, but smooth transitions take place with intentional planning. In other words, you won't decide on a career path and be ready for the classes you need overnight - you need to create a plan and follow it. At WVC, students can satisfy general course requirements that will allow them to develop skills and explore interests/career paths.



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