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STEM Initiatives
Student Features
A student is considered "migrant" if the parent or guardian is a migratory worker in the agricultural, dairy, lumber or fishing industries, and/or if the family has moved during the past three years.
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CAMP Staff

Yuritzi Lozano, CAMP Director
Yuritzi Lozano
CAMP Director
Office: Wells 1060C
Phone: 509.682.6975
Email: ylozano@wvc.edu


Juan Ledezma, CAMP Retention Specialist
Juan Ledezma
CAMP Retention Specialist
Office: Wells 1060B
Phone: 509.682.6977
Email: jledezma@wvc.edu
Violeta Martin, CAMP Recruiter/Retention Specialist
Violeta Martin
CAMP Recruiter/Retention Specialist
Office: Wells Hall 1060E
Phone: 509.682.6974
E-mail: vmartin@wvc.edu
Maria de Jesus Alvizar, CAMP Program Assistant
Maria de Jesus Alvizar
CAMP Program Assistant
Office: Wells 1060A
Phone: 509.682.6973
E-mail: malvizar@wvc.edu
James Wade, CAMP STEM Specialist
James Wade
CAMP STEM Specialist
Office: Wells 1011A
Phone: 509.682.6972
E-mail: jwade@wvc.edu


Zachary Gesford, CAMP AmeriCorps Volunteer
Zachary Gesford
AmeriCorps Volunteer
Office: Wells 1011A
Phone: 509.682.6972
E-mail: zgesford@wvc.edu




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Phone: (509) 682-6800
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