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Information For Students


Online Job Board
Students may register to search for online jobs.  Simply log onto College Central and select the "Students" icon. You will be asked to create a user ID and password of your choice. Your ID and password will be used each time you log on. It's that easy! Once you put in your ID and password, you may then view job opportunities and post your resume, or create a portfolio. The information you provide is secure. Only the WVC Career Center and registered employers will be able to view your resume and post jobs. WVC does not question the information provided by the employer. It is the student's responsibility to determine its validity.

Employment Opportunities
Information from employers on current job openings are received by the WVC Career Center and posted either on the website College Central or the Center’s “Job Board” located next to the Career Center in Wenatchi Hall. Complete information about each posting includes job title, required job skills, wage, hours per week, and the process for applying. All jobs will require students to bring a resume and cover letter. WVC does not investigate the information provided by the employers. It is the responsibility of the student to determine its validity.

Relevant faculty are sent the employment opportunities which in turn are posted in classrooms/departments for students.

**The Career Center does not evaluate job postings for validity. Please be aware that job scams exist. Some indications that a job might be a scam include: the email address of the person to contact does not match the company name; the company tries to send you a "pre-payment" or a check to pay for supplies; the company tries to rush you to take the job or to deposit a check. If you think a job might be a scam, don't hesistate to contact the Career Center!

Internship/Mentorship Opportunities
Many public agencies and private businesses offer internships for WVC students. Internships may be paid or unpaid. Internships afford students the opportunity to practice their classroom learning in the professional arena prior to graduation. Internships can be set up for a quarter or more, up to a full school year. Depending upon the nature of your internship, credits may be available upon request. 

Mentorship opportunities are arranged by the business and WVC. They are publicized through the WVC Career Center and specific departments. Mentorships may be for a quarter term or a shorter time period. See Randy Mitchell or Kelsay Stanton in the Career Center for current listings.

WVC places students in jobs at WVC, public agencies or businesses, as part of their financial aid award. Indicate your interest in work-study on your FAFSA form, fill out this application and see Kelsay Stanton or Randy Mitchell in the Career Center for more information.

Internet Resources

A convenient website that helps you connect majors with careers.


A great website that helps you find out what careers you can do with a major. Access through this website to ensure access.

A national website that lists and describes hundreds of job titles and training sites. Log on username wvc and password wenatchee.

Most often used for Washington State occupation information: contact the Career Center for a Site Key Password.
Choose Working-Employment and open “Get A Job” or search using DOP (Dept. of Personnel).
Select Job Search.



Washington Career Paths to help you determine your career action plan.


WVC online job board where students register to look at jobs and post their resumes. Also for employers to register and post jobs and/or look at students resumes.

Left column, choose “Jobs, where to find openings”.






LinkedIn Jobs


Wenatchee Nursing Jobs

Washington Nursing Jobs



Includes career resource information and grads-get-hired guide.






Post A Resume
Students at WVC may post a resume online for employers to access by logging onto College Central, selecting the student icon and registering. You may use a completed resume on the online resume posting option, or you may use the College Central resume builder option. Only the WVC Career Center and registered employers may access your resume online. If you'd like help with your resume, contact Kelsay Stanton or Randy Mitchell in the Career Center. Check out the WVC Resume and Cover Letter Packet to get you started.

"Getting A Job" Skills
Getting a job is a game and you need to know the rules of the game in order to win that job. There are several expected things that you can do to be in the running for the position you are seeking.

  1. A resume is an important document that employers expect you to submit for most jobs. A resume gives the employer an idea of what you know how to do: it gets you the interview, not the job. There are a variety of styles and formats that are used in resume writing. If you need assistance creating or improving a resume, stop by the WVC Career Center. Look at resume samples, use resume writing software or have the Center staff help you with your resume. Check out our WVC Resume and Cover Letter Packet to get you started.
  2. Interviewing is based on an employer reading your resume and deciding you have many of the skills needed for the job. The interview should be a two way discussion: the employer asking questions about you and your skills and you asking the employer about the job and the company. Stop by the Career Center to practice interview questions or get interview tips.
  3. Follow-up with a thank-you note and a phone call to inquire where the company is, in the hiring process. Sample thank-you notes and phone etiquette scripts are available in the WVC Career Center.
  4. Applications are not the same as a resume as an application has more legal, personal and background information. For an application you want to: be neat; print with a pen; answer every question; be honest; be accurate with dates and past jobs; list references including phone numbers; be sure to sign the document.

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