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Chemical Dependency Studies
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CDS Admission

Students should be eligible to take the following courses before beginning their first quarter of chemical dependency studies classes. Some exceptions may apply. Speak to an educational planner (509.682.6830) or Beverly Warman (bwarman@wvc.edu or 509.682.6676) for more information:

  • ENGL& 101 - Composition: General
  • MATH 98 - Elementary Algebra
  • CMST& 210 - Interpersonal Communication

Click here for the Chemical Dependency Studies Application.

NOTE: Conviction of certain crimes may prevent completion of the clinical course requirements of the program and may prevent future licensure and employment in the health and safety field. For further information on these crimes please click here.

All CDS students must meet the following requirements before beginning clinical courses in the second year of the program:

  • Provide proof of annual liability insurance (registration receipt). Insurance can be purchased through the college at the time of registration.
  • Provide verification of major medical insurance (accident, injury and sickness), which all allied health and safety students must have. Students have the option of either purchasing the Washington state approved medical insurance or providing verification of their own major medical insurance.
  • Provide verification of current Health Care Provider CPR training (copy of HCP card) from program entry until graduation. Must renew annually.
  • Provide documentation of immunizations.
  • Submission of a Personal Medical Record Form.

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