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Chemical Dependency Studies
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CDS Courses

CDS 100                         5 credits
Survey of Chemical Dependency

Overview of historical and current definitions of substance use disorders. The effects of use on behavior, health, youth, family, special populations and society. Focus on the nature of addictions, causality, progression, assessment, scope, intervention, treatment and prevention.

CDS 101                         5 credits
Physiological Action of Alcohol and Other Drugs

The human body's physical and behavioral response to alcohol and other drugs; current research findings; basic information and terminology essential for working on treatment teams with physicians and nurses, and for communicating with patients and with patients and families. Prerequisites: CDS 100, PEH 180.

CDS 106                         5 credits
Case Management of Chemical Dependency Client

Counselor skill training in case planning and case management of the substance-abusing client. Overview of federal, state and agency policies and procedures, assessments, treatment, and discharge planning. Prerequisites: CDS 100, 101 or instructor's signature.

CDS 110                         4 credits
Cultural Diversity Counseling for Chemical Dependency Studies

A course of study designed to improve knowledge and skills of the Chemical Dependency Professionals while working with clients/patients with different cultural backgrounds. Prerequisites: CDS 100.

CDS 140                         2 credits
Chemical Dependency Relapse Prevention

Course will discuss the phenomena of post acute withdrawal as well as ensuing issues of relapse as they pertain to the disease of addiction, and the reuse of drugs after treatment as a separate and distinct episode not associated with treatment failure. Materials discussed are the work of T. Gorski. Prerequisites: CDS 100, 101 or instructor's signature.

CDS 150                         3 credits
Counseling the Addicted Adolescent

An overview class covering the needs of the addicted adolescent. Covers many developmental, cognitive and physiological issues that are complicated by an adolescent's use of alcohol or other drugs. Prerequisites: CDS 100, CDS 101 or instructor's signature.

CDS 202                         5 credits
Counseling Theory and Techniques

Overview of communication skills, theories and techniques used in developing a common understanding of addictive behavior. Comprehensive review of how people behave and an introduction to counseling methods to facilitate change in working with chemically dependent patients. Prerequisites: CDS 100, CDS 101 or instructor's signature.

CDS 204                         4 credits
Group Process in Chemical Dependency Treatment

Theoretical foundation of group counseling as applied to alcohol/drug treatment. Use of groups in inpatient and outpatient treatment. Use of information in groups to foster change and growth. Dynamics of group interaction/group composition, goal setting, managing tasks, roles and normative boundaries; skill practice. Prerequisites: CDS 100, CDS 101 or instructor's signature.

CDS 205                         4 credits
Chemical Dependency and the Family

Models of family therapy and overview of structural, functional and systems approaches as applied to the chemically dependent family. Treatment issues related to family, stages of adaptation to chemical dependency, family roles, co-dependency, children of alcoholics, and adult children of alcoholics. Prerequisites: CDS 100, CDS 101 or instructor's signature.

CDS 207                         5 credits
Law and Ethics in Chemical Dependency Counseling

This course focuses on contemporary legal and ethical issues in the field of chemical dependency counseling including professional and peer relationships, boundaries, NADAAC code of ethics, multiple relationships and values in the counseling relationship and laws surrounding counseling including confidentiality and HIPPA regulations. Prerequisites: CDS 100, CDS 101 or instructor's signature.

CDS 210                         3 credits
Community Prevention

Focuses on prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse among children and adolescents. Discusses the history of prevention, current research, community needs assessments and best/promising practices in the field of prevention, and how to design and evaluate an effective prevention program.

CDS 295                      1-5 credits
Field Experience in Chemical Dependency

Supervised work experience in a chemical dependency treatment agency approved by college faculty. Prerequisite: instructor's signature.

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