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Chicano Studies
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Chicano/a Studies

Course Descriptions

CHST 112     5 credits
Chicano/a History: An American Journey

Examines the Chicano/a (Mexican & Mexican American) experience in North America within a historical context. Beginning with an examination of the pre-Columbian Mesoamerican societies through European conquest and up to 20th century, students will engage in the following areas of scholarly inquiry: Nation development, migration/immigration, race, class, culture, political activism and civil rights.

CHST 115  5 credits
La Chicana: Gender, History and Intellectualism

Investigate the social construction of La Chicana/Mexicana gender in both Mexico and the United States, but primarily in the United States. This investigation will include literary analysis, historical perspectives, feminist approaches and Chicana intellectualism. Additional points of study include Machismo, gender manifestations and Chicanas in contemporary society.

CHST 120     5 credits
Identity, Art and Culture

Critically investigates the production and consumption of Chicano/a forms of culture/identity. Examines Chicano/a culture as a dynamic process, which includes theater, literature, poetry, art, film and music. 


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