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Computer Science and Computer Technology Courses

Computer Science Course Descriptions

CSC 101                         5 credits
Introduction to Programming

Introduction to computer programming. Intended for non-science majors. Explores the basics of computer programming using the BASIC language. Topics include console I/O, variables, expressions, decisions, arrays, repetition, console graphics, file I/O and functions. Prerequisites: MATH 096 or MATH 098, word processing competency.

CSC 151                         5 credits
Web Design I

Introduction to Web content development using HTML and a variety of Web development tools. Prerequisite: familiarity with Windows Operating System.

CSC 152                         5 credits
Web Design II

Web application client development, using interactive technologies such as JavaScript, JavaScript libraries, CSS, HTML, and asynchronous HTTP requests. Prerequisites: CSC 151 or instructor permission.

CSC 153                         5 credits
Web Design III- Web Application Programming

Web application server development, including writing software that runs on the server, database integration, and delivering Web pages generated from HTML templates. Prerequisites: CSC 152 or instructor permission.

CSC 154                         5 credits
Macromedia Flash

Introduces the Macromedia Flash multimedia authoring platform. Students will use Macromedia Flash to integrate images, drawing, audio, video and text into multimedia applications that can be published to an Internet website.

CSC 201                         5 credits
Programming Fundamentals

Introduces programming fundamentals using a procedural, object-oriented language. Topics include expressions, simple I/O, data storage, variable usage, decision and repetition control structures, functions and parameter passing, design principles, and problem solving strategies. Prerequisites: MATH 099, word processing competency.

CSC 202                         5 credits
Intermediate Programming

Introduces the concept of object-oriented programming to students with a background in the procedural paradigm. Topics include project management, classes, APIs, instantiation of objects, references, lists, file I/O of records, inheritance, composition, polymorphism, interfaces, exception handling, computer graphics and basic GUI programming. Prerequisites: CSC 201.

CSC 203                         5 credits
Data Structures and Algorithms

Introduces the fundamental concepts of classic data structures with associated algorithms. Topics include recursion, searching and sorting lists (arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, vectors), algorithmic analysis, big O notation, expression parsing, binary search operations, heaps, priority queues, other types of trees, Huffman encoding, toolbars, hash tables, and graphs. Prerequisites: CSC 202.

CSC 241                         5 credits
SQL Database Development

Explores the use of SQL to create, populate and maintain databases. Topics include entity relations, normalization, referential integrity, join types, selections, insertions, updates, deletes, constraints, views, indexing, stored procedures, triggers, cursors, ER modeling and database design. Prerequisite: CSC 201.

Computer Technology Course Descriptions

CTS 105                          3 credits
Survey of Networking

Networking for non-CTS majors or students seeking additional background on networking. Introduces the basics of networking, such as peer-to-peer, LANs, and WANs. Discover the history behind networking and how people use networking in the real world. Understand how computers share information. Learn the vocabulary of networking-understand the terms, abbreviations and acronyms.

CTS 110                          5 credits
Computer Hardware

Computer hardware troubleshooting. Designed to help prepare students for industry certifications as well as provide practical hands-on experience.

CTS 115                          5 credits
Computer Software

Fundamentals of supporting and troubleshooting computer operating systems. Prepare to pass CompTIA's A+ OS certification exam. Covers a wide range of material about operating systems, from using the different Windows operating systems to demonstrating how the boot process works, as well as installing, supporting and troubleshooting the different Windows operating systems.

CTS 120                          5 credits
Introduction to Networking

Beginning course in data networks. Emphasis is placed on the OSI model and discovery of modern data network design. Learn the functions and appropriate use of network hardware, software and protocols. Helps prepare students to pass CompTIA's Network+ certification exam.

CTS 130                           5 credits

Client Operating Systems

Familiarizes students with client operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS platforms) with emphasis on connectivity, troubleshooting and architectural models. Gain hands-on experience in the process of installing and configuring network clients.

CTS 140                          5 credits
Server Operating Systems

Introduces students to the fundamentals of planning, implementing, managing and troubleshooting network servers in a modern LAN environment. Topics include connectivity, security, maintenance and disaster planning/recovery. Students will install and configure windows server.

CTS 150                          5 credits
Network Infrastructure

Prepares students for industry certification exams. Learn to manage and maintain a Windows server environment. Provides an overview of networking, IP addressing basics, configuring a network interface, implementing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), managing and monitoring DHCP and DNS. Prerequisites: CTS 140 or instructor's permission.

CTS 160                          5 credits
Active Directory

Introduces Active Directory and prepares students to plan, configure and administer Active Directory infrastructure. Learn how to configure the Domain Name System (DNS) to manage name resolution, schema and replication and how to use Active Directory to centrally manage a network. Prerequisites: CTS 140 or instructor's permission.

CTS 195                          2 credits
Technology Seminar

Regularly scheduled seminar covering contemporary news and issues dealing with technology. May be repeated with different topics.

CTS 221                          5 credits
Introduction to Linux

Provides a comprehensive overview of the Linux operating system. Become familiar with the Linux command-line environment, utilities and applications, as well as the graphical X Window environment.

CTS 222                          5 credits
Security Fundamentals

In this introductory course in network security, learn security fundamentals. Includes identification of security issues in modern networks and how to design a network to avoid security problems. Helps students prepare for the CompTIA Security+ Certificate.

CTS 225                          5 credits
Web Server Management

Training in setting up, managing, securing and troubleshooting Web servers in both Windows and Linux environments. Prerequisites: CTS 140 or instructor's permission.

CTS 232                          5 credits
Network Design

Advanced course that covers LAN/WAN Network design issues. Prerequisites: CTS 150, 160 or instructor's permission.

CTS 235                          5 credits
Managing Mail and News Servers

Covers a wide range of material about e-mail servers, from installation, configuration, administration, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Prerequisites: CTS 140 or instructor's permission.

CTS 295                          2 credits
Technology Seminar

Regularly scheduled seminar covering contemporary news and issues dealing with technology. May be repeated with different topics.

CTS 196/296                1-5 credits
Cooperative Work Experience

Cooperative work experience is intended to provide authentic experiences in the world of work by applying knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to a working environment. A summary portfolio of learned experiences will document the specific abilities gained through working cooperatively in a business. Variable credit class. Prerequisites: Computer Technology Systems (CTS) instructor written permission.

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