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Computer Technology Program Guide

Suggested Course Sequence:
Associate of Technical Science Degree in Computer Technology-Network Administration (complete both years)
Computer Technician Certificate (Help Desk/IT Support - complete first year)

Offered on the Wenatchee campus

First Year  
Fall Quarter Credits
CTS 110 Computer Hardware 5
CTS 115 Computer Software 5
CTS 120 Introduction to Networking 5
Support Course*   3-5
Winter Quarter
CTS 130 Client Operating Systems 5
CTS 140 Server Operating Systems 5
Support Course*   5
Spring Quarter
CTS 150 Network Infrastructure 5
CTS 160 Active Directory 5
Support Course*   5
Total Credits for Certificate
Second Year
Fall Quarter
CTS 222 Security Fundamentals 5
CSC 201 Programming Fundamentals 5
  Elective 5
Winter Quarter
CTS 221 Introduction to Linux 5
CTS 232 Network Design 5
  Elective 5
Spring Quarter
CTS 225 Web Server Management 5
CTS 235 Managing Mail and News Services  5
  Elective (may use CTS 196/Internship  5
 Total Credits for Degree 93-95

*Support Courses - These classes need to be completed in order to qualify for the
  Computer Technician Certificate or the ATS degree:
  ENGL& 101**
  MATH 099** or higher
  One of the following:
  CMST& 220 or CMST& 210 or BCT 116

**Placement score required.


1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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