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Cooperative Work Experience
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Cooperative Work Experience

Cooperative work experience (CWE 196 and 296) is a way to earn college credit through on-the-job experience in your chosen field. The program offers you a way to combine classroom study at WVC with related work experience under the supervision of an employer. Work experience, paid or unpaid, must be related to your educational and career objectives. You must meet with the cooperative work experience coordinator to determine eligibility, then complete the enrollment process.

CWE Credit Requirements

  • Course credit may be earned for work experience if the work is related to either your major or vocational goal.
  • One CWE credit requires 50 hours of work experience.
  • Regular registration policies and tuition rates apply to cooperative work experience credits.
  • Credit will be awarded on a pass/fail basis and will not affect GPA.
  • The CWE coordinator will meet with you and your employer on the job site as part of the evaluation process for CWE credits.
  • No more than 10 CWE credits may be applied to any WVC degree.

For more information or to sign-up for Cooperative Work Experience, contact Randy Mitchell at 509.682.6858 or rmitchell@wvc.edu.

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