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    Carly Feddersen
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WVC Student Poetry Features: Carly Feddersen


Framed by knee-high grass
and broken lattice,
an old hot tub sits on end
next to a burnt-out water heater.

Two boys are eating
Fruity-Os at old school desks
bolted to the front porch.
"Take my picture,"

the older one shouts.
The younger one giggles
while both stretch smiles wide
across rainbow-flecked teeth.

I adjust the aperture, zooming in
on them, surrounded by old gears
and stacks of garbage.

I can hear their mother yelling
from the house,
"Who are you talking to?"

Carly Feddersen Carly Feddersen is native of Wenatchee, WA.
She comes from a long line of creative people.
Her writing has been featured in Mirror Northwest.
Photo by Anthony Feddersen  

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