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Digital Design Program Guide
Certificate of Completion

Students should work closely with their adviser for proper sequencing of classes in order to complete the program in an expeditious manner. Also take careful notice of course prerequisites.

Required courses: Certificate of Completion
Offered at Wenatchee campus

Core Classes  Credits
ART 106 2-Dimensional Composition and Design 5
ART 107 3D Digital Design: Intro. to Sculpture 5
ART 110** Drawing I 5
ART 111** Figure Drawing I 5
ENGL& 101* Composition: General or higher 5
MATH 100T* Technical Math or higher 5
BCT 116 Professional Work Relations 3
Prerequisites for spring-quarter courses
(complete in fall or winter quarter)
ART 130 Graphic Design Tech I 5
ART 132 3D Digital Design (Rhino) 5
ENGR 105 Computer Aided Design 5
Spring Quarter (offered spring quarter only)  
ART 131** Graphic Design Tech II 5
ART 133** 3D Digital Design 2 (Rhino) 5
ENGR 106** Advanced Computer Aided Design 4
Completion Course
INDT 276 Digital Design Capstone 3
  Total Credits for Certificate 65


* See an art adviser for schedule planning and for specific course prerequisites.

** Assessment score required.

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