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Digital Design Overview

Wenatchee Valley College offers a certificate of completion in digital design, the first certified program of its kind in Eastern Washington.

Developed in concert with local and regional advisers, the digital design program combines industrial technology and art to create a training program for students interested in careers in entertainment design and advanced manufacturing. The program also provides students with technical and transfer options.

Digital design provides students with a strong fine art and technical foundation in both 2D and 3D design. With an emphasis on computer graphics with multiple software platforms, graduates will be equipped for entry-level positions in entertainment design and for visualization positions in architecture, engineering and medical fields. These positions include 3D modeler, texture artist, production artist, digital graphics specialist or CAD assistant. Using the guiding artistic concepts and principles learned in the program, students will culminate their studies by creating a professional portfolio.

Students should work closely with the program adviser to ensure the proper sequencing of classes. Also take careful notice of course prerequisites (see course descriptions).


Career Opportunities

For more information about careers related to this field, go to My Next Move or the Employment Security Department Web page (scroll through the alphabetical list by occupation, or type the name of an occupation into the search filter, such as architectural drafter, commercial/industrial designer, graphic designer or multimedia artist/animator).



  • Prepare competent, well-rounded 2D & 3D graphic specialists for a variety of industries.
  • Provide students with a core of foundational knowledge and skills which enable them to pursue further technical or baccalaureate education.
  • Serve local community industries/businesses by providing them with employees possessing expertise in cutting-edge design technology and practices.


  1. Graduates will be equipped for entry-level positions in entertainment design and for visualization positions in architecture, engineering and the medical fields.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate software competency in the context of fine art design principles and concepts.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate the diligent work ethic, and esprit de corps expected in the design professions.
  4. Graduates will be ready to work as collaborative, team-oriented business professionals.

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