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Student Access Office

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WVC Special Populations/Disability Support Services


Wenatchee Valley College supports the right of accessible education for students with disabilities.


Wenatchee Valley College serves the educational and cultural needs of its communities…proudly educating people, enriching communities and transforming lives. WVC's services are extended to all students, including students with disabilities, through the student access office/disability support services.


The goal of this office is to minimize the impact conditions may have on the education of students with disabilities. This office provides the means for students with disabilities to integrate fully into all Wenatchee Valley College activities. We are responsible, within reason, to remove physical barriers that would prevent participation in college programs.



Services are available to all enrolled students with verified temporary or permanent disabilities who register with the student access office.


  • Student Access Coordinator

A coordinator, experienced in working with a variety of disabilities, is available to respond to vocational/educational accommodation needs at Wenatchee Valley College.


  • Adaptive Equipment

A variety of special equipment is available including special keyboards, zoom text, JAWS, digital voice recorders, magnifiers and Dragon Speak software.


  • Connections

Contact is made with various off-campus agencies, such as the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, to best serve the needs of the students. A liaison is also established with all campus departments and personnel to ease the student’s integration with all of campus populations.


  • Registration

Priority registration is available for students with disabilities who qualify 


  • Parking

Parking for people with disabilities is available in the following areas (valid State Of Washington disabled permit and a campus-parking permit required):

 - Visitors Parking Area in Parking Lot A (near Wells Hall): 4 stalls

 - Parking Lot B (near Gym): 3 stalls

 - Parking Lot D (behind Wells Hall-near Library): 4 stalls

 - Parking Lot C (off 9th Street-near Sexton Hall): 3 stalls

 - Good Grief Center parking lot(on 5th Street): 3 stalls 

  • Restrooms

All public restrooms have been modified to facilitate wheelchair use.


  • Access

Campus buildings are accessible by wheelchair ramps and many entrances are equipped with automatic openers (except the weight room at the gym). The use of power-driven mobility devices, other than wheelchairs, cannot be used inside college facilities.


  • Transportation

Students with disabilities should contact LINK at http://www.linktransit.com/ for bus schedules to and from the college.


For further information, on the Wenatchee campus, contact:


Carla Boyd, Student Access Coordinator
Wenatchee Valley College

Wenatchi Hall, Room 2133


TDD/TTY 509.682.6853

E-mail: cboyd@wvc.edu


On the Omak campus, contact:


Vicki Turner
WVC at Omak
PO Box 2058
Omak, WA 98841-2058



1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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116 West Apple Ave., Omak, WA 98841
Phone: (509) 422-7800

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